Strawberry tree, diseases and treatments

Strawberry tree, diseases and treatments: how to prevent and fight the diseases that attack the strawberry tree. From parasites to fungal diseases (yellow leaves, spotted leaves, leaves that fall prematurely…).

Thestrawberry treeit is a very plantresistantbut not therefore immune toillnesses, especially if it comes tofungal diseases.

Strawberry tree, cultivation to prevent disease

Thestrawberry treeit is native to the Mediterranean basin and the Atlantic coast up to the southern shores of Ireland. It belongs to the ericaceae family and all the information about its cultivation can be found in our guidehow to cultivate the strawberry tree.

In the guidehow to cultivate the strawberry tree,I have explained to you practically everything. From the first planting to thepruningspring. Thecareare essential to preventdiseases of the strawberry tree. A few trivial examples? If you are letting the plant grow free, know that thestrawberry treeit is a shrub plant, it will tend to thrive in a "massive" way. In this case, if you don't perform a regularpruningto eliminate dry branches that grow towards the inside of the plant, the plant will be more exposed toillnesses.

The reason? All theillnessessome plants,strawberry treeincluded, they develop when the air circulates badly and when the humidity stagnates. Under these two conditions, for thestrawberry treewhich is a plant that needs sun, excessive vegetation will cause many of its branches not to receive sufficient radiation.

Diseases of the strawberry tree

On this page we will focus on what are thediseases of the Strawberry treegiving you some suggestions oncareand the strategies to be implemented. To understand why yoursstrawberry tree plantshe got sick, better review some basic concepts, just like the pruning explained above.

Thestrawberry treeit loves warm climates but can also develop with relatively low temperatures. For cultivate an strawberry tree healthy, you must pay attention to the environment in which it is found: first of all take care of the soil, the strawberry tree is more exposed to diseases if it grows on very humid soils and with easy stagnation of water.

Thestrawberry treeit should be irrigated only at the time of implantation or in case of prolonged drought. Irrigation is only necessary in summer. Forcultivate the strawberry tree in pots Instead, you will need to pay more attention and wet the ground every 4-5 days. Always for thestrawberry tree in vase, you will need to periodically administer fertilizer, while annual fertilizations are enough for the strawberry tree in the garden.

Strawberry tree, fungal diseases and parasites

When the soil is well drained and fertile and especially when the plant is well ventilated, thestrawberry treeit is hardly attacked byfungal or parasitic diseases. The sun that filters through the branches prevents the proliferation of fungal spores by braking the world disease. Conversely, if thestrawberry treeit is not well ventilated, there is stagnation of air, a high level of humidity and poor exposure to the sun, thefungal diseasesthey will be around the corner, as will the parasites themselves.

To counteract the fungal diseases of thestrawberry treethe use of a cupric product is recommended: Bordeaux mixture, copper phosphate ...

Equally frequent can be parasitic attacks byaphidsor more generally plant lice. In this case, the use of a broad-spectrum insecticide is recommended, preferably if allowed in organic farming such as pyrethrum.

Strawberry tree with spots on the leaves and yellow leaves

If the strawberry treepresentsspots on the leavesand yellowing (yellow leaves) probably a going onfungal diseasecaused bySeptoria unedonis, an easy to recognize pathogen.

THE symptoms: the mushroomSeptoria unedonisattacks thestrawberry tree and the most visible symptoms are borne byleaves. It causes the formation of spots and an irregular reddish or brownish outline with the central area of ​​the leaf with gray spots.

If thediseaseis in an advanced state, you will notice larger spots and yellowed leaves ready to fall. Also in this case the recommended treatment involves the use of copper-based fungicide products but with more intensive treatments (you will have to repeat them a few days later).

Fungicides and pesticides to treat diseases of the strawberry tree

To find fungicidesand pesticides to treat diseases of the strawberry tree (in pots or in gardens) you can contact your trusted dealer, at the agricultural consortium closest to home or by taking advantage of the online purchase.

On Amazon, for example, it's easy to find cheap copper-based fungicides. To give you an example, to "this Amazon page"You will find copper sulphate useful for the treatment of fungal diseases of the strawberry tree as well as those of ornamental plants, gardens or fruit plants. The product in question can be bought with € 9.90 and free shipping costs.

At low dosages, it is also useful forpreventive treatmentof the diseases to be performed at the end of winter on all the species that you consider at risk of contracting fungal diseases.

When using the fungicide, be very careful in following the dosages indicated by the manufacturer. Even if you choose a fungicide allowed in organic farming as well as the one I have suggested, do not overdo the doses.

If the strawberry tree hit is grown in pots, pay particular attention to the conditions of the soil and try to guarantee the plant the best conditions forovercomethere disease. Proceed with well-balanced fertilization interventions.

Copper sulphate is also useful in case of mold on fruits.

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