Cogeneration in condominium

Cogeneration in condominium

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The use of the cogeneration in condominium can save up to 20% of primary energy per year compared to the use of the traditional boiler. This is stated in a research by the University of Padua on the development potential of plants for the combined production of electricity and steam.

The study, commissioned by Veronafiere and presented during the Smart Energy Expo, takes into consideration the high efficiency cogeneration for heating and cooling in large residential complexes. The issue is important because the law requires the Energy Services Manager (GSE) to carry out by October 2015 a study on the potential of cogeneration.

Today Italy is first among the 28 EU countries in the use of cogeneration. In Europe, overall, 20% of electricity and 11% of heat are produced with this system. In perspective, there is a doubling of the share in the next 10 years with the spread in the residential market as well as in companies.

In recent years, interest in cogeneration it has grown under the influence of a number of factors. These include the spread of natural gas and the privatization-liberalization of electricity production, which has opened up new investment prospects in the sector.

Significant advances in technology related to growth also contribute to growth cogeneration plants has done and continues to do, allowing to achieve ever better performance in terms of reliability, safety and performance.

The main advantage of the cogeneration high-performance it is precisely in the very high yield that the plant is able to give to the fuel, allowing it to consume less, spend less and pollute less.

Due to its characteristics, the cogeneration it is assimilated to alternative energies such as the sun, wind and geothermal energy, even if the use of natural gas as primary energy does not make it a properly 'renewable' source.

Attention to cogeneration systems by operators in the residential sector and in particular condominiums, it follows that already demonstrated by companies, where innovation aimed at increasing yields and reducing costs is favoring the spread of these systems.

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