How to care for your lawn in the fall

How to care for your lawn in the fall

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How to care for your lawn in the fall: from autumn fertilization to lawn maintenance work in the autumn period (October, November and December). How to prepare the lawn for winter cold and care to devote to the turf.

How to care for your lawn in the fall

The interventions aimed attake care of the lawnvary from season to season, in the autumn period it will be necessary to prepare theturfto overcome the stress of the cold and the vegetative slowdown.

Somecareto be dedicated to the lawn can be specific based on the species that make up the turf, others are completely universal.

Work on the lawn in October

Careful lawn cleaning is required, so remove leaves that tend to accumulate on the turf. Those who live in the north of Italy will have to perform afertilizationpost-summer, better known as autumn lawn fertilization.

If your lawn has been attacked by fungal diseases in past seasons, it is advisable to carry out preventive treatment.

If, on the other hand, you have had problems with weeds, it is precisely in October that an anti-twins treatment is carried out for the lawn.

Work on the November lawn

Also in this case it will be necessary to remove the leaves and clean the lawn. It will then do alast cutbefore the cold arrives.

Those who live in the south will have to fertilize the lawn with a specific fertilizer with a high potassium content as seen below.

Lawn work in December

Prepare the lawn for winter and follow the instructions seen in the article: how to take care of the lawn in winter.

Can the lawn be mowed in autumn?

Based on the growth of the grass, proceed tolawn mowingbringing the height of the lawnmower blades to the lowest position: the sun can no longer damage the collar area.

If you employ alawn mowerwith systemmulching, it is advisable to collect the cut grass as cold temperatures do not allow its degradation: grass residues, especially in humid areas, can cause rot or mold on the turf.

The last mowing of the lawn is usually carried out in November.

The autumn fertilization of the lawn

If for spring fertilization we have advised you to use a fertilizer with a high nitrogen content, for the autumn fertilization of the lawn we advise you to choose a pre-lawn fertilizer rich in potassium below. The potassium content must be higher than nitrogen or phosphorus.

This fertilization will provide the turf with greater resistance to attacks from fungal diseases as well as making it stronger and more resistant to cold. Potassium protects the turf from the cold and prevents yellowing of the turf, while the low-content nitrogen performs a maintenance function. The fertilizer must be administered before the arrival of cold weather, therefore roughly in the first half of autumn.

Among the various fertilizers on the market we point out a good fertilizer that can be bought on Amazon at a price of 55 euros for a 25 kg bag. The yield is excellent because for the fertilization of the lawn in autumnjust distribute 25 grams per square meter (follow our dosage and not the one indicated on the label). For all information on the product mentioned, we refer you to this Amazon page.

Please note, a high nitrogen fertilizer is also sold with similar packaging, so be careful not to get confused!

When to fertilize your lawn in autumn?

For autumn fertilization, those who live in the Center-North can fertilize the lawn in October, while Southern Italians will have to wait until the first half of November.

Autumn maintenance of the turf: the lawn with speciesmicrotherm

With the first days of autumn, the vegetative activity of microthermal species slows down particularly, especially in the north and especially for those with grassy species such asLolium perenne, Festuca arundinacea, Poa pratensis and Agrostis stolonifera. In northern Italy, vegetative activity stops completely with the cold of November, while in the South and on the Islands these species remain active until early December.

Autumn maintenance of the turf: the lawn with species macrotherms

Even in the South, macro-thermal species such as Zoysia japonica, Cynodon dactylon and Paspalum notatum, see a marked slowdown since October.