Garden work in October

Garden work in October

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In October there is a lot to do in the garden; the temperatures begin to drop therefore it will be necessary to protect our plants from the first colds.

Let's see in detail what there is still to do in the garden in October.

Garden work in October

  • Towards the middle of the month, take the potted plants away from the cold, taking care to place them in an environment that is not too hot and with a good brightness.
  • As temperatures drop, significantly reduce watering
  • Don't throw dry raked leaves off the lawn; they can be used both for home composting and for mulching plants that are more sensitive to cold
  • Renew the green space with new ornamental plants
  • You can take cuttings to multiply the plants: this is the case, for example, of roses and hydrangeas
  • It is the period to be able to plant the bulbous plants that will bloom in spring such as tulips, daffodils, snowdrops, muscari: the bulbs must be buried at double depth compared to their size
  • Uproot the summer tubers that have completed their cycle from the soil

Garden work in October, ornamental plants and vegetable garden
Among the species of ornamental plants suitable for cultivation in the open ground we find cornflowers, sweet peas, marigolds and gypsophiles.
What about the vegetable garden? Once the harvest of the last summer vegetables is finished, remove the plants to make room for new ones. Once all the residues have been eliminated, you will have to dig the soil and fertilize it. At this time you can sow carrots, peas, spinach, radicchio, beets, rocket, parsley.

Garden work in October, the lawn

  • Do not neglect the maintenance of the lawn, in this regard here is what to do:
  • Cut the grass less frequently, leaving it a little higher
  • At the end of October, make the last fertilization before the winter suspension.
  • Eliminate the cut grass from the lawn: due to humidity, fungal diseases could form
  • Air the lawn with the use of a fork or a specific tool and fill the holes with sand
  • If there are bare areas of the lawn, it is preferable to re-sow.