How to protect the garden from hail

Therehailstormit can cause very serious damage to both vegetables and fruit plants, compromising the entire production season. To avoid any type of damage related to this meteorological event, today we will seehow to protect the garden from hail.

If a stronghailstormhits the garden in the early stages of cultivation can cause enormous damage because the vegetation is still tender and underdeveloped, therefore the orthist will have to provide for a new sowing and transplanting, except for root, bulb or tuber vegetables such as onions , carrots and potatoes, which could be saved by developing underground.

On the contrary, if a hailstorm hits a crop close to harvest, the damage is partial: you can proceed with the harvest even if you will be forced to throw away a good part of vegetables and greens. Forprotect the garden from hailwe must aim for prevention, in some periods of the year it is strongly recommended to useanti-hail nets.

Where this meteorological event occurs frequently, it is advisable to protect most of the flower beds of thevegetable gardenby means of a particularanti-hail net; this type of nets are easily found on the market, at agricultural emporiums it is possible to buy packs of limited length, excellent for those who grow in the home are the anti-hail nets of 2-3-4 × 10 meters.

Anti-hail nets have an average mesh size of 0.6 x 0.7 cm and are of a neo or white color. They are woven with a simple or thick weft with double weft and the edges are often reinforced to facilitate the installation and assembly phase on the pre-installed structures. At the time of purchase, if the package is not already equipped with it, purchase clips (clips and plates) in order to make anchoring easier.

On low crops, the anti-hail net it can be suspended on the same structures used for the tunnel greenhouse. Alternatively, you can arrange to set up a skeleton with reeds or other supports, as long as they are strong enough and solid: in case of violent hailstorms, nets and supports that are not stable enough could cause even greater damage, not only to crops but to the whole garden.

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