Aquarium: how to clean it

To keep an aquarium clean you need adequate attention and care. Whether it is fresh or salt water, large or small ... .. the aquarium should still be cleaned once a month. In this regard we will illustrate you how to clean the aquarium starting from the windows up to the water change.

How to clean the aquarium, surface cleaning
The replacement of water plays a fundamental role in the survival of fish; this necessary operation can be performed with the fish inside the aquarium or without. To prevent the fish from being traumatized when taking them out of the aquarium, we can operate without touching them; in this case you will have to empty 3/4 of the water contained in the aquarium, and replace it with the new one, better at room temperature. This should be done once a week.

How to clean the aquarium, deep cleansing
For a deeper wash, including bottom gravel and ornamental elements, you will need to transfer the fish to another container. Since this operation generates a lot of stress in the fish, it is preferable to place them in a transparent container with some of the water already present in the aquarium. Home tap water is usually used but it would be better to use products that neutralize the chlorine to act at least 12-24 hours before. Alternatively, osmotic or demineralized water is also fine

How to clean the aquarium, procedure

  1. Turn off the power to the aquarium and make sure that the filter and other mechanisms are stopped
  2. Clean the aquarium walls first with the special sponge-magnet, then with a cloth and hot water: in the case of stubborn dirt, you can use a solution consisting of water and Marseille soap. In this case you will have to rinse thoroughly before refilling the tank
  3. Once this is done, clean the filters under warm water, using your fingers or a brush to remove the most encrusted residues.
  4. Then move on to cleaning the plants and ornamental objects always with water and Marseille soap, then rinse the towels thoroughly
  5. Lastly, always clean the windows using water and Marseille soap, making sure to rinse thoroughly: make sure there are no traces of soap. The internal windows should be cleaned at least once a week to avoid accumulating too much dirt and limescale on the edges
  6. After cleaning, reassemble the aquarium by gradually inserting the fish and putting the filters and lights back into operation.

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