How to insulate your home while saving on your bills

Winter is upon us and we need to start thinking about heating in the home without affecting too much on the bill. In addition to checking the old boiler and setting the thermostat to the right temperature, it is necessary to think about insulation: it is the heat loss that most affects consumption. In this regard, let's see in detail how to insulate the house efficiently.

How to insulate the house, the directions
Polystyrene panels
They offer excellent performance and are cheap, a few euros per square meter, and polystyrene is also an ecological material; it does not contain chlorofluorocarbons and hydrochlorofluorocarbons.
In fact, it is also used for insulation in buildings since it does not represent a danger to environmental hygiene and groundwater.
As an alternative to polystyrene, you can perhaps move all the furniture in the house onto the walls facing the outside: there will still be less dispersion due to the cold that penetrates the walls but it is less efficient.

Insulation of fixtures
To save on heating it is necessary to reduce drafts; a valid solution is represented by high energy efficiency windows but they are not affordable for everyone. Alternatively we can replace the shutters since they cost less than the fixtures. In this sense, opt for those in silver or white as they reject the heat while maintaining that produced inside the house.
In order not to disperse the heat towards the outside, a valid solution is represented by double glazing on the windows:
you can replace the old glass with the new sheets or add a second frame to the existing one in order to have two overlapping windows.
To reduce drafts we can use waterproof curtains on the windows, preferably from the outside; even the adhesive sponges are able to prevent cold air from entering the house even if their efficiency is very low.

Insulating sheets for radiators
There are aluminum sheets on the market that can spread the heat emanating from the radiators into the environment without heat dispersion. They are provided with double-sided adhesive for easy application.

Ceiling fans
With fans, air circulation allows you to heat the room more evenly, keeping the room at a comfortable temperature.

carpets are not only a design element but can also play an important role during the winter months as they add another layer of insulation to the floor, trapping the cold and preventing infiltration and cooling of the room.

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