High efficiency convection wood fireplaces

High efficiency convection wood fireplaces

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THE wood-burning fireplaces they are beautiful but consume a lot of wood (which is not free), burn oxygen and are not very efficient in terms of heating. If you are thinking of a wood-burning fireplace or you have one with which you want to heat at least a little home, focus on a high efficiency device with natural convection.

The advantage of high efficiency wood fireplaces is that they combine the irradiation of the fire with the circulation of heated air, which allows to raise the temperature of the ambient air and not only to heat the bodies and objects near the hearth. Another advantage is that they are easy to install,

THE wood-burning fireplaces with natural convection high efficiency usually have an external structure in steel with a cast iron and refractory hearth, materials that heat up by improving radiation. We said that they are easy to install where there is a chimney compartment and are equipped with an upper exhaust for conveying the fumes into the flue. Also easy to clean.

The functioning of the high efficiency wood fireplaces it's very simple. They take fresh air from the outside: by convection the cold air is sucked into the hood compartment and after a path around the flue it heats up, rises upwards and here it meets the grill from which it is introduced into the environment .

The amount of air escaping from the grille is adjustable with a register which usually has the appearance of a switch. This allows the wood-burning fireplace to heat more evenly and effectively with less energy expenditure that you can evaluate in terms of less wood consumed. In addition, the indoor air will remain richer in oxygen.

If you have a wood-burning fireplace you should know that not all firewood is the same and that it also depends on the water content. Without going into details, the wood you buy is almost always well seasoned and ready for the fire. An optimal mix for the home fireplace can be obtained by mixing beech wood (good flame) and wood of black locust (good embers): you will have a nice fire that will last a long time.

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