Peugeot 208 LPG, price and performance

Peugeot 208 LPG, price and performance

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Peugeot 208 LPG Pricefrom 14,900 euros, a good 2,100 euros more if you compare it to petrol with a more economical level of equipment; the price gap between petrol and LPG narrows when the richer set-ups are compared.

TherePeugeot 208has a range of engines that tries to satisfy all needs, from the most economical power supplyLPG to the more gritty 200 horsepower engine of the version208 GTi; pity that despite the wide choice of diesel, petrol and LPG, the range does not include any alternative power supply (tetrafuel, hybrid * or electric drive)so those who want to save on operating costs will have to rely on208 LPG.

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Peugeot 208 LPG Price
Prices quoted for the 208 LPG 5-door
The coststarts at 14,900 euros for the entry model with Access equipment and LPG 1.4 VTi 95 HP engine with 5-speed manual gearbox up to 17,800 euros for the top of the Allure range, not bad if you consider that with petrol , the same set-up is taken with 16,350 euros.

There208 LPGrelies on a 95 horsepower 1400 VTI engine, it is available in both the 3-door version and the more practical 5-door configuration, and in the Access, Active and Allure versions. The LPG system equipped onPeugeot 208is Italian pride: developed by Landi, an Emilian company leader in the sector.

Peugeot 208 LPG autonomy
L'autonomyof the208 LPGreaches a total of 1,300 km while those aiming forautonomyin power supply aregplwill have to settle for 400 km. The LPG tank has 33.6 liters and is added to the 50 liter petrol tank, for an overall range, according to the declared consumption, which reaches 1300 kilometers, thanks to over 400 kilometers traveled with LPG fuel. Consumption is not bad at all, especially in relation to the price of fuel: with thepricecurrently in force ofLPG, to cover 210 kilometers it will take about 13 euros.

To switch from petrol to LPG supply, you will need to act on the appropriate on-board variator, the change can also take place while driving.

LPG or Diesel? Between the two litigators theMethaneenjoys (but be careful with maintenance!)
Just consider that if you travel 30,000 kilometers annually, the expense to be faced with an engine that offers a mileage of 8 km per liter is approximately 6,683 euros if you drive acarpetrol. The price drops to 5,426 euros if the power supply isdiesel but the most considerable savings are found with methane, in fact, with this power supply, only 2,471 euros are needed to travel 30,000 kilometers, compared to 3,256 euros forLPG.

LPG or Methane?
In our article "Better a car running on LPG or CNG? "we talked about objective factors such as costs per kg / liter, fuel yield, greenhouse gas emissions, road safety and plant costs.

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