Composter, from DIY to solutions on the market

Therecomposterhas become a very common object in gardens and homes, its diffusion has a double cause: on the one hand it allows to reduce the quantity ofOrganic wasteproducts and on the other hand it allows the production of natural fertilizer, the compost.

There compostercan be achieved with thedo-it-yourselfor purchased ready for use: there are several models on the market, in various sizes and in green, brown and black colors. Thecompostersthat are usually found on the market are made of sturdy recycled plastic, resistant to frost and UV rays.

Homemade composter

The creation of a wooden composter is simple, just attach a series of interlocking boards or joists, for a minimum height of 1.20 m and a minimum width of 1 meter. Ace or joists must be spaced from each other by about one centimeter, so as to allow air to pass through the cracks. As an alternative to wooden composterjust described, it is possiblebuildahomemade composterwith a very tight mesh net, anchored on four poles.

In build a composterthe lid is not needed, this can be replaced with a layer of breathable material of organic origin: branches, straw, reeds… but also a sack of jute.

Buy a composter
THEcomposterthat are found on the market have a trapezoidal, cylindrical, hexagonal, square or truncated conical shape (thecomposterbell), with a vertical axis so as to simulate the case ofcomposting.

How to choose a composter
In addition to the shape they differ in capacity: they are found from 80 to 900 liters! Forchoose a composterit will be necessary to evaluate the quantity of organic waste produced in the home and in the garden. Don't underestimate the location if you are looking for onecomposer from balconyit will be necessary to check the load capacity of the balcony and opt for an 80 liter model. Forchoose the compostersuits your needs, read below.

Domestic composter

For a family of four they are limited tocompostkitchen scraps, acomposterof 200 liters. If in addition to thekitchen scrapsthere are also those from the garden, you will have to opt for acomposter400 liters, or, if you have enough space, it will be better to buy two 200 liters composters that are easier to manage.

Garden composteriscomposer from balcony
For small gardens or families of one or two people, it will be sufficient to buy an 80-liter model that accommodates a lot of material without pressing it. When it comes tocomposer from balconyorgardensmall in size, it will be possible to close the lid so as not to attract animals.

With thecompostersof large dimensions, the lid must be left half open.

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