Expo Milano 2015: space for biologists

TO Expo Milan 2015 also the biostartups. For new companies and business ideas in the areas of nutrition, environmental protection and agri-food, there is the contest conceived and promoted by the National Order of Italian Biologists: 'The Biologist driving change. Biology for innovation and for business'.

The presence of a Expo Milan 2015 and a qualified training course in business management at Banca Intesa Sanpaolo.

The competition of ideas is entitledBio Plug In and is in fact promoted by Italian biologists, represented by their own Order within Expo. The purpose of the initiative is to give value and visibility to new biology companies that bring innovation and development to Italy, but also to promote the figure of the biologist in the business world.

The only but essential requirement to apply for a Bio Plug In is the registration in the national register of biologists. Then obviously you need to have an idea to present as part of Expo 2015, which can also be carried out as a team but no more than 5 people, of which at least three biologists are enrolled in the register. The stage of development of the idea is not important, as long as it is the result of original work.

The winning projects will be 21, seven for each area. Everyone will have the opportunity to be present within the ONB space of theExpo and to get in touch with the partner companies of the competition. The winners will also be admitted to the training course of Officine Formative, Intesa Sanpaolo's business school.

Another 30 projects, 10 for each area, will be able to access online training courses through the Officine Formative platform and the database of the Order of Biologists. In this way, startups will be facilitated in the search for regional, national and European funding.

Composition of the jury

  • The president of the Order of Biologists or his delegate;
  • 1 qualified expert in the sector chosen by the Committee Expo of the National Order of Biologists;
  • 1 member of the Expo Committee of the National Order of Biologists;
  • 1 contact person for any partner in the competition of ideas.

Presentation of candidacies

  • By midnight on October 15, 2014;
  • by hand or by registered letter with return receipt to the National Order of Biologists, via Icilio 7 - 00153 Rome.
  • by e-mail to the certified email address [email protected]

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