Transforming oil into biodiesel to power the car

Transforming oil into biodiesel to power the car

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Frying oil can be a valuable resource for the transport sector. There are several processes fortransform waste oil into biodiesel, some processes are extremely efficient and environmentally friendly, others a little less.

Transforming the frying oil into biodiesel
After collecting theexhausted oilby restaurants and users who provide it with separate waste collection,oilit undergoes a first filtration process: the oil is refined so as to eliminate any water and food residues.

There are many methods forrefine the used oil, the cheapest one consists in heating the oil and applying an electric discharge to it: immersing an electric coil in the oil, the discharge applied to the liquid medium brings to the surface all the organic residues derived fromfrying. The electric discharge makes the mechanical filtration procedure easier. The refining process lasts a few hours; generally, it takes approximately 12 hours to refine a barrel with a capacity of 227 liters.

After the filtering phase theoil it is ready to be used in car tanks, without undergoing further transformations.

To employ thebiodieselderived from refining fromkitchen oilit is necessary to have a specially modified engine. Cooking oil can be used to power a car but you must first "overcome" some limits imposed by the mechanics: with the engine stopped and in the presence of low temperatures, the vegetable oil clumps together and tends to solidify, which is why which cannot pass through the engine injectors.

To avoid this problem it is necessary to equip the car with an additional tank that will be used to start the car: the standard tank can be refilled withfrying oilwhile the additional, smaller tank can be refueled with the classic fuel that will be used to start the car. Once the car has started, you can switch tofeeding with frying oilall the way and then return to conventional fuel before putting the car to rest (this is to avoid vegetable oil remaining in the injectors "cold"). As an alternative to dual power supplybiodiesel /diesel, it is possible to mount a heating coil, in general, this modification makes the use ofvegetable oilmuch more efficient.

How much produce biodiesel starting from frying oil?
The "Veggy”Is a biofuel production cooperative that has been operating since the 1970s in Tennessee. The cooperative is responsible for collecting thefrying oil and transform it into biodiesel through refining with electric discharge, the costs are more than convenient. Considering the costs related to the collection, processing and distribution, the final price of thebiodieselproduced bycooperativeVeggy amounts to around 25 US cents per gallon, equal to 80 Euro cents per liter. Convenient right? Read also: Used oil as fuel.

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