Nissan Pathfinder hybrid

Nissan Pathfinder hybrid:continue to increase ihybrid suvson the world automotive scene, the latest arrival is theNissan Pathfinder hybrid, presented on 27 August at the 2014 Moscow Motor Show.

Hybrid SUVs, the list
There are not a fewhybrid suvsalready available on the market and there is no shortage of prototypes already presented and ready for series development. Hybrid drive seems to be the favorite horse in the world of alternative power supplies. Before talking about theNissan Pathfinder hybrid, here is a short list of examples:
–Subaru Hybrid, the crossover already on the market in the US
–Volvo XC90, the 400 horsepower 7-seater hybrid-drive SUV
–Outlander PHEV, all-wheel drive SUV with 2,000 cc hybrid system


For those who want to consume even less, hydrogen power is in sight, although still a long way off for mass diffusion ... already standard for the Hyundai Tucson Fuel cell crossover (available only in the USA) and for the Hyundai crossover ix35 Fuel Cell, available in Europe.

Nissan Pathfinder hybrid
ThereNissanhad warned us of his intention: he had planned to launch 15 hybrid cars in the medium term and today the news comes from Russia with a hybrid suv that defined by the price "accessible“.

With the edition2015, theNissan Pathfinderarrives in its fourth generation and for the first time sees in the engine range, in addition to the classic choice between diesel and petrol, even tractionhybrid. The new 2015 Nissan Pathfinder fourth generation will be equipped with a 3.5 petrol engine and a 2.5 engine as standard hybrid. ThePathfinderit's a7-seater suvthan in the catalogNissan, joins the two segment cars X-Trail and Nissan Murano.


The hybrid system of the new Nissan Pathfinder it will be joined by the intelligent 4 × 4 system and the latest generation Xtronic transmission. Thanks to the combined use of the gearbox and four-wheel drive, the Nissan Pathfinder hybrid promises to tackle any type of road, in any condition, with a new redefined and modernized design.

The production of the hybrid engine of the Pathfinder 7-seater SUV will take place at the St. Petersburg plant, making the Pathfinder the first hybrid vehicle produced in Russia.


During the presentation of the new range of 7-seater SUVs, the Japanese manufacturer presented the Pathfinder hybrid model as the first hybrid petrol / electric vehicle to be produced in Russia and supplied at an affordable price. No rumors have been released about the price, so we do not know how to quantify the word "accessible" claimed by Nissan. Currently the Nissan Pathfinder price range, which includes premium trim levels and petrol or diesel engines, starts at around 38 thousand euros.

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