Canine grass (gramigna): properties and benefits

Canine grass it is none other than the weed, the one that haunts the fields and of which we have a very negative idea. Rightly negative from the point of view of the farmer, to whom thecanine grass it can infest the crop, less than that of the naturopath who finds a beneficial purifying diuretic in this herb.

Dogs know something about it, hence the name canine grass, who following their instincts use it to purge themselves. But cats do the same thing too.

It must be said to be precise that canine grass is one of the two plants known as weed. The other is known as 'Italian weed' or 'capriola' and is larger in size (20-50 cm in height) although less tenacious and infesting than thecanine grass. Both in herbal medicine Rhizoma graminis. Properties and benefits are the same.

L'canine grass, or officinal grass, is recognized by the creeping and branchy rhizome, the soft and vaguely blue leaves and the small parallel spikelets of flattened flowers. It prefers uncultivated land but with its short and leathery roots it adapts to all gardens without disdaining the fields. In short, a perfect weed.

However, it is diuretic and refreshing when taken as an infusion and juice (you can find how below) and is considered to be able to 'clean' the intestine and biliary tract. The aptitude for cleaning is obviously a characteristic ofcanine grass and of weed in general since its roots are used to make brooms similar to those of sorghum.

When to collect the grass. It is advisable to collect the underground parts in autumn, locating them first at the time of flowering. They do not last long in storage, so it is advisable to renew the stock often enough. The aerial parts instead are captured during the summer.

Infusion of gramigna. It is prepared with a handful of fresh roots boiled for 1 minute in 1 liter of water. The first liquid obtained is thrown away, the blanched roots are scraped off and boiled again for 10 minutes in boiling water. Add a pinch of licorice, a pinch of mint and a small piece of lemon juice. One or two cups a day.

Weed juice. Freshly picked whole plant is used for the juice. The juice is obtained by crushing and squeezing the plant through a cloth. Five soup spoons a day with a little honey to overcome the bitterness.

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