Internet on your mobile at the right rate ...

The convenience of having Internet on mobile it can cost us dearly: if we have not signed a convenient subscription with a telephone operator, and for example we still have an old standard rate, we really run the risk of finding very high bills at the end of the month. Here's how to avoid it.

Internet on mobile now it is a must for everyone, not just for the new and very new generations, and we don't want to give it up. Checking email on the go, chatting with friends, consulting a website, playing games in breaks, listening to music or even streaming a high-definition movie are activities that - why not? - are entering our daily life.

We also add that a nice boost to the spread of Internet on mobile they are giving it increasingly sophisticated models of smartphones that accumulate functions upon functions and allow us to perform operations that were absolutely unthinkable until a few years ago.

The downside is that this data traffic - growing especially in our country, where it now closely rivals landline access - is increasingly heavy in terms of bytes: an HD video can in fact absorb a large part of our daily, weekly or monthly allocation of gigabytes per Internet on mobile. What to do then?

The answer is: subscribe to the cheapest subscription. Knowing however that it is not easy to juggle the various offers of the various operators, on IdeeGreen we have made available a rate comparator which allows you to find the cheapest deals for Internet on mobile and to avoid such nasty surprises.

The important thing is to choose wisely, after analyzing your average monthly traffic. Some operators offer promotions such as they guarantee they can guarantee even 100 MB per day for traffic Mobile Internet.

One or the other offer may be more or less convenient for us depending on our 'habits', which can also change in life and advise us to switch to another type of contract. Having a tool to choose the best proposal, always looking around and being ready to change are the rules to be able to take advantage of Internet on your mobile without going into expenses.

But first, a careful examination of your profile: do we still telephone a lot or do we prefer video calling? Do we use sms or do we find Whatsapp more convenient? Let's ask ourselves these questions and give ourselves the answers, then choose the best offer of Internet on mobile.

Finally, speed should not be forgotten: today Vodafone and Telecom, among others, are investing heavily in technologies such as 4G and LTE Advanced, which now allow connections to reach Internet on mobile performance superior to that of a normal fixed connection.

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