Frozen foods: how to manage the freezer

For the frozen foods there are precise conservation rules necessary to maintain the original quality of the product. Fundamental is the freezer management, the place where we usually store the frozen foods (unless you have a dedicated freezer-freezer) but first of all attention is paid during the purchase phase.

When buying frozen foods care must be taken that the 'cold chain' has not been interrupted. To verify this, just look at the package: a soft package, deformed and frosted on the surface indicates that the product has already passed a phase of partial defrosting and can no longer be refrozen. It is important to know that the foodonce returned to room temperature, it can no longer be refrozen.

It is useful to know the difference between deep freezing and freezing, which are two different things. Home freezing, in particular, is used to preserve food but does not completely block the activity of enzymes that cause food spoilage. This would only be possible if the freezer operated at very low temperatures, but this is never the case with devices built into refrigerators. A dedicated freezer would be needed.

Then pay attention to the freezer. The temperature may be higher than what you think you have set, and consequently unsuitable for storing frozen foods, if the walls are encrusted with ice or if the freezer compartment is too full (read the article Storing food in the refrigerator). Ice on the walls and the freezer too full these two situations are also negative from an energy point of view because they increase the consumption of electricity.

And if you are a technological user and in addition to the correct storage of food in the freezer be careful to eliminate the food waste linked to forgotten deadlines, you can use an App that allows you to manage your spending by taking note of all the due dates.

The application is called FrigOK, the company launched it frozen foods Bofrost and can be downloaded for free on smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems. It allows you to insert photos of individual products with their expiry dates into the smartphone's memory and keep them under control via a simple dashboard with green (long expiry), yellow (near expiry) and red (expired food) lights.

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