How to grow onion

How to grow onion

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Onion is a vegetable that must never be missing in the kitchen. Have you ever thought of cultivating some for family needs? Onion cultivation does not require special cultivation knowledge and not even a lot of space. In this regard we will show you how to grow onion following our instructions.

Although onions can be grown all year round, the best time for sowing is in August. In this period we can sow the round onion of Tropea, the red of Florence, the white onion of May: we will have the harvest in spring

How to grow onion, directions

  • The onion needs a fresh, loose and fertile soil with a medium pH, rich in nutrients, in particular phosphorus and potassium
  • This vegetable has a two-year cycle: in the first year it will develop bulb, roots and leaves while in the second it will produce flowers and seeds. To have the first harvest you will have to wait a couple of years: the plants must have reached a height of about 40-50 cm
  • When purchasing seeds, check the expiration date shown on the package
  • Sowing takes place by broadcasting immediately afterwards, abundant irrigation must be carried out: germination usually takes place within a week
  • When the seedlings have reached 10-12 cm in height, it is advisable to thin the plants leaving only the most beautiful ones at a distance of about 15 cm from each other
  • Usually the onions should be harvested when the leaves begin to dry: they should then be left to dry in a dark and airy environment, to avoid root rot.
  • Onions are prone to blight and pernospora. In this regard, it is good to avoid that the soil is excessively wet: pay attention to irrigation and avoid water stagnation
  • The best time to water is in the morning: temperatures are lower and the soil has time to dry out during the day.

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