How to recycle light bulbs creatively

How to recycle light bulbs creatively

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Did you know that light bulbs lend themselves very well to creative recycling? They can become flower pots, mini gardens, spice holders, etc. In this guide you will find several solutions on how to recycle light bulbs in a creative way.

How to recycle light bulbs in small balloons
The necessary:

  • String
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Light bulbs
  • Brushes and acrylic paints
  • Christmas ball hooks

The procedure:

  1. Take the light bulb and decorate the top in glass creating the balloon of the hot air balloon
  2. At the bottom add the string to create the basket
  3. Once the colors are dry, glue the hook at the top and tie a thread of string
  4. Your hot air balloon is ready: you can make four or five and hang them all close together, under a shelf.

How to recycle bulbs in a flowerpot

  1. > Make a large hole with a hacksaw in the center of the metal part of the bulb
  2. Through the hole, take out the entire inner part
  3. With an iron wire create a support base, so that the new vase can remain standing
  4. Pour some water inside and insert the flowers you like best

How to recycle light bulbs in a mini garden
In the previous article we talked extensively about bottled gardens; light bulbs are also suitable, let's see how to proceed:

  1. Remove the inner part from the bulb, making a hole on the metal part: help yourself with pliers and a hacksaw
  2. Create a support base with iron wire in order to support it on the table or on a shelf
  3. Pour into the soil and the small plant.

How to recycle bulbs in spice racks

  1. Make a wooden base, with holes that can hold the diameter of a light bulb: help yourself with a hacksaw
  2. Eliminate the metal part then also the inner part that sheds light
  3. Rinse the bulb well with warm water
  4. Add all the spices you prefer and close the new container with corks.

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