Wall radiant panels

Wall radiant panels.There are different models of radiant panels:
- radiant ceiling panels
- radiant floor panels
wall radiant panels
- baseboard radiant panels

The pose of thewall radiant panelsit is simpler than seen with the floor system even if both systems are based on the same principles. THEwall radiant panelsare installed in thewalls of the building facing outwards so as to reduce or even cancel the temperature differences between hot and cold walls, this is made possible by the use of insulators that are inserted under the pipes of the panels.

A heating system similar to that awall radiant panels, is the system abaseboard. In the latter case, it is inside the skirting board that the small pipes (usually made of copper with aluminum fins) circulate in which hot water flows. The air that comes into contact with the tube containing hot water overheats and escapes from an upper slot in the skirting board. The hot air rises upwards, licking the wall which overheating in turn projects heat inside the room.

Heating and cooling
THEwall radiant panelswith the appropriate precautions, they can be prepared for the cooling of the premises, in addition to the more classic heating. This is made possible by the passage of cold water within the same pipes but the phenomenon is not so immediate: as stated, specific measures are required to deal with condensation and keep the humidity in the room under control.

The installation of thewall radiant panelsit is a relatively simple intervention, so much so that they are currently on the marketpre-assembled modulesready for fixing, in any case the intervention of a professional technician is required. The steps for installing thewall radiant panelscan be summarized as follows:
- laying of the insulating layer with perimeter band
- fixing of the pipes on the insulating layer
- application of multiple layers of cement plaster to completely cover the pipes
- installation of the plaster holder network
- realization of the surface finish

The adoption of a wall heating / cooling system is recommended only in small rooms. In very large spaces, the heat from the walls would tend to dissipate before reaching the center of the room. Furthermore, iwall radiant panelsthey can be installed only in the absence or with the limited presence of wall furniture: a bulky piece of furniture placed against the radiant wall would hinder the diffusion of heat.

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