How to prepare the raised garden

How to prepare the raised garden: L'raised gardenit stands a few tens of centimeters above the ground level, it grows well because it is more collected, protected and has countless advantages.

Why prepare the raised garden

The reasons that may prompt you to set up a raised garden they are many. First of all, to prepare for the cultivation ofvegetable garden even in the winter period: crops are easier to protect from the cold in a raised garden!

L'raised gardenit is nothing more than a patch of land placed higher than the ground level so that it can function in a similar way to a greenhouse. With a raised culture bed it is estimated that yields can be obtained even four times higher than those obtained with the traditional vegetable garden. This is mainly thanks to three factors:

  • the structure of the soil

The soil, being never walked on, is more porous and soft so as to allow easier root growth. This allows to increase the sowing density: in the same space it is possible to grow a higher number of plants. The soil compacts less, more air circulates and drainage is better.

  • the light

Araised gardenit receives a higher quantity of light, a determining factor especially in winter.

  • maintenance

It requires little maintenance and is also ideal for beginners. It adapts to any space, even on the terrace or in the courtyard. It allows you to carry out targeted interventions on individual crops. If necessary, it can be easily covered with non-woven fabric for protection from the cold or with bird netting. It keeps the vegetable garden well organized and allows for better space management.

How to prepare the raised vegetable garden: the porcone

Everyone can prepare theraised gardenfollowing the model you like best. L'raised gardenit is not new in recent times, the more traditionalist farmers have always cultivatedraised gardenwhich in the peasant jargon was calledPorcone (in Italian, the term "porca *" indicates the space of raised ground that forms between one furrow and another).

Many farmers prepare the raised garden simply by "heaping" the softer and more fertile soil of the agricultural plot, while today, especially in urban areas, theraised gardenit is enclosed in a wood, stone or metal cut.


Descriptively, we can describe the preparation of a raised garden in these simple steps:
- create a bottomless perimeter structure using a material of your choice (stones, metal sheets, wooden structures ...)
- fix it to the ground creating the frame of your garden
- Fill the prefabricated structure with soil and expanded clay to promote drainage
- plant vegetables and start cultivating your new raised garden.

All the instructions are available in the guide article "How to build a raised vegetable garden".

* Porca, from the Treccani dictionary
"Pòrca s. f. [lat. pŏrca, of Indo-Eur. origin, similar to Ted. Furche]. - In agriculture, a strip of land of varying width (also called prose), raised above ground level and between two furrows. "

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