How to grow Goji berries, practical advice

How to plant and grow goji berries: the plants ofgojithey can be easily cultivated on Italian soil, both for the quality of the soil and for the temperate climate. Even those who live in Northern Italy cangrow goji berries, this shrubby plant can resist even low temperatures.

TheGoji berriesthey are famous for their numerous beneficial effects: they contain a higher quantity of Vitamin C than that found in oranges, they are rich in calcium, iron and proteins. Among the properties they include the ability to stimulate the metabolism, strengthen the immune system and also seem to have an energizing effect.

Thanks to the presence of beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, theGoji berriesthey prove useful for the protection of the meaning of life. They are rich in B vitamins and mineral salts ... in short, theGoji berriesthey are worth as much gold as they weigh ... or almost: a kilogram ofberriesweighs about 85 euros! So why notgrow goji berriesindependently?!

ThereGoji plantit grows in shrub form, it can develop up to 2 or 3 meters in height, therefore, for the cultivation in pots it is advisable to choose large enough containers and punctually operate a repotting.

How to grow goji, detailed instructions

  • The planting must be carried out during the spring months.
  • Goji tree pruning takes place from November to January.
  • Goji only bears fruit on young branches.
  • The goji plant needs abundant irrigation in the summer, especially between July and August.
  • Cultivation can be started from seed (although it will take a long time from germination to the first harvests), from plant or from cutting.
  • Propagation by semi-woody cutting can be done from August to early October.
  • The goji plant needs slightly acidic, well-drained soils and preferably sunny areas.
  • In autumn and winter it will not be necessary to water.

The detailed guide for growing goji berries can be found in our guide article"How to grow Goji berries":
-where to buy Goji plants
- propagation of the Goji plant by cuttings
-how to prune the Goji tree
- the cultivation cycle of the Goji plant

Where to buy goji seeds to start growing?

It is difficult to find Goji seeds in classic garden stores, it is much easier to buy online. Goji seeds, unlike berries, are very cheap. On the web there are sachets of seeds even for a few euros; for example: Goji Berries - 50 Seeds for € 1.90

Buy the already developed Goji plant

It's possibleto buydirectly thereGoji plantready for planting at specialized retailers or online shops. ThereGoji plantis proposed by Vivai Le Georgiche with "guaranteed rooting ", at the price of 21.50 euros.

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