You work in the garden in August

Work in the garden in August: sowing in August and what to grow in the garden at the end of summer. From harvest to new sowing.

Even if it is summer, our vegetable garden as well as our garden does not go on vacation! The month of August leaves room for many harvests and there are many operations to do to take care of our green space and to grow new vegetables that we will go to harvest in the autumn. Let's see in detail what the work in the garden in August.

Work in the garden in August

THEsummer work in the gardenthey are the hardest: it is hot, there is so much to do, the sun beats fast and the weed grows fast. When you do isummer work in the garden, try to always keep well hydrated so as to avoid a heat stroke. If the vegetable garden or garden is far from home, bring a bottle of fresh lemonade with you, so as to restore the electrolytes lost duringwork in the garden. Here's what you need to do:

  • Constantly irrigate the garden and the vegetable garden favoring the morning or evening hours, if you have not yet done so, consider setting up an automatic irrigation system that is useful even if you have to leave for the holidays.
  • Mow the lawn regularly, being careful not to leave the grass too short, too hot could burn the roots, so continue with frequent but not drastic cuts.
  • Eliminate weeds to avoid nasty surprises right in the middle of the harvest! In summer the competition between infested grasses and horticultural plants grows, in mechanical weeding make sure to remove the roots of the weeds, especially the thickest ones.
  • Do not carry out preventive treatments against the main adversities of plants because these should have been done in the spring or at the beginning of the growth of the plants in the garden. Also with regard to fruit trees, in summer you must suspend any treatment, remember to carry out thetreatments with copper salts during the winter season. In this context, the guide may help you:how to make Bordeaux mixture do it yourself.
  • Do not leave ripe vegetables and fruit on the plants, carry out constant harvests so as to avoid the overripe fruit from falling with consequent development of rot and mold.
  • In the flower garden, always remove withered leaves and flowers and, if necessary, place a mulch at the base of the plants to keep the soil moist by limiting evaporation.
  • Also in the flower garden, keep in mind that August and more generally in late summer, is the good time for the multiplication of flower bulbs or flowering rhizomes as explained in the article onhow to grow iris.

THEtreatmentsof vegetable crops (tomatoes, peppers, aubergines ...) based on copper, are generally carried out in the first part of summer or in any case by the month of July: when it comes to treatments to be done to the plants in the garden, the month of August it is mainly dedicated to mechanical weeding and to the green manure technique to enrich the soil with nitrogen (summer green manure).

Work in the garden in August: sowing

What to sow in August? Well, also a The end of Augustand more in generating asummer end(for those who live in the south) it is possible to sow various vegetables and prepare the basis for autumn harvests.

Garden work: flowers to take care of and grow in late summer

  • Burying crocus, daffodil and hyacinth bulbs in spring will make your garden a riot of scents and colors. Which bulbs to sow in the summer? Agaphantus, Amaryllis (belladonna), anemones, colchicum, crocosmia, crocuses, cyclamen, dahlias, gladioli, lilies, stembergia, iris, galanthus and early tulips.
  • As stated, The end of Augustit is the right time to multiply many plants both with the division of the tufts and with the cutting technique. In this period you can multiply geraniums, oleanders and many other flowering plants. For more information on thesummer cuttingto do in the month ofAugust, we refer you to the article "Multiplication of plants by cuttings"
  • Plant evergreen species such as yew and boxwood.

Others work in the vegetable garden in August:

  • This is the time to harvest tomatoes, lettuce, eggplant, courgette and peppers.
  • It is the ideal time to transplant new vegetable seedlings that you can then pick in autumn, such as broccoli, cabbage, celery and chicory.
  • Yes they can sow early cabbage, winter spinach and, towards the end of the month, also rocket, lettuce and parsley.
  • It is a good time to prepare the autumn crops by digging and fertilizing the soil, once the weeds have been eliminated.
  • The fruits to be harvested in this period are: melons, watermelons, raspberries, plums and peaches.

What to sow in August

Much has already been written in the articleWhat to grow in August. In practice, if you want to give space to the potted vegetable garden, you can continue to sow tomatoes, peppers and basil. For open ground crops in August, there is room for salads (chicory, endive, lettuce, escarole ...), radicchio, leek, cauliflower, head cabbage, cabbage, onions, Swiss chard and Brussels sprouts.

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