Fruit and vegetable juices

THE centrifuged fruit and vegetables they are thirst-quenching drinks capable of concentrating many beneficial properties for the body.
They are prepared thanks to the centrifuge, a machine that separates the pulp from the peel: it will not be necessary to peel the fruit. The juice obtained preserves all the nutritional and healthy properties of fruit and vegetables: vitamins, mineral salts, enzymes and antioxidants.

From the type of fruit and vegetables that we will choose to prepare the centrifuged juice, juices are obtained that can nourish, detoxify, purify and hydrate the body. They are also the best and tastiest way to be able to follow the diet without giving up a sweet break! Here is the recipe for a tasty and healthy fruit and vegetable juice
Fruit and vegetable juices to purify and hydrate the body

  • 1 fennel
  • Half a green apple
  • Half a cucumber
  • A piece of ginger


  1. After having carefully washed all the above ingredients, spin them
  2. Once this is done, with the help of a spoon, vigorously mix the juice just obtained in the special tray
  3. Serve in a glass and consume the drink once a day between meals.

Fruit and vegetable juices, properties

  • Fennel properties: fennel is rich in purifying properties of the blood and liver, it is an anti-inflammatory of the colon and acts effectively against abdominal swelling: since it has a high percentage of anethole, it is a calming agent of abdominal contractions and helps to reduce the formation of intestinal gas.
  • Apple properties: rich in vitamin C, it has a purifying, refreshing and invigorating action. Cucumbers, being rich in water, also perform the same function.
  • Ginger properties: speeds up digestion processes, restores the right gastrointestinal acidity and regulates the acidity of the stomach.

THE centrifuged fruit and vegetables they can be an excellent way to introduce fruit and vegetables in acceptable quantities into children's diets. To start you can prepare the ACE juice: orange, carrot and lemon. A concentrate of vitamins and mineral salts with a sweet taste suitable for the tastes of children:

ATTENTION: fruit and vegetable centrifuged must be drunk on the spot. Unfortunately they cannot be preserved.

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