Campania Trekking, the itineraries

Campania Trekking, the itineraries

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Campania Trekking: theTrekking itineraries of the Campaniathey are really numerous, an article cannot be enough to list them all. In our special "Trekking in Campania "we talked about the itineraries of the Amalfi Coast, of the 200 km of trekking routes of that Sorrentina and much more; we join the previous article ending the discussion on the trekking routes of the Picentini Mountains Regional Park and proposing other excursions.

Trekking in the Picentini Mountains Regional Park

  • Pizzo S. Michele, this pathtrekking Campaniait is particularly suitable for those who love pilgrimage: panoramas and stories of faith with Vesuvius in the background. The path starts from Calvanico, in Pizzo S Michele where you meet a rock with the starting sign of the CAI 116A path, the car can be parked a little further on. This trekking trail is recommended for the more experienced and has a full length of 16 km.
  • Grotta dello Scalandrone, a trekking path immersed in the woods of the Cellica, a treasure of inestimable geological value, a hidden opening allows entry to the hypogeum where the springs of the Picentino river are born. This trekking route, with due precautions, can also be done by bicycle.
  • Summit of the Cellica, a trekking route bordering on mountaineering and therefore recommended only for experts. The view is breathtaking and we start on the Giffonese side.
  • The Cervialto, pathtrekkingalso suitable for the less experienced, the CAI signs with red-white paint are clearly visible. The path to follow is 8 km long. The trekking route starts from the Laceno plateau.


Campania Trekking, the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano: the Alburni mountains

  • Monte Panormo trekking routes: from the Panormo refuge to the top of the mountain.
  • Trekking in the Alburni Mountains, from the slopes of Monte Panormo towardsGigliuloand the Casone Aresta. Also suitable for mountain biking.
  • Monte la Nuda, continue up to the panoramic top of the mountain.
  • The caves of Castelcivita, the excursion is necessarily guided. There is no lack of opportunities for caving experiences.
  • The Antece Lucano, from Petina to S. Angelo a Fasanella to visit the ancient medieval mills. Also accessible by mountain bike.
  • Mount Carmel, the oasis of Mount Carmel, also by mountain bike.
  • Baia di Trentova, a section of the trail is shown in the photo above.

Campania Trekking, other itineraries

  • The Tusciano valley, this Campania Trekking itineraryit will lead you to the cave of S. Michele di Olevano, with the appropriate precautions it can also be traveled by mountain bike. The length to be covered is just over 13 km. The trekking path connects the town of Acerno with Olevano sul Tusciano along the wonders of the river environment that runs along the Tusciano river. For an excursion in complete safety it is advisable to follow the path marked with n. 110 from the CAI. The duration is 4 and a half hours if you start from Acerno to get to Ariano, it goes up to 5 hours if you change the itinerary (from Ariano to Acerno).
  • The WWF Oasis and Monte PolveracchioCampania Trekking routerecommended for those who love biodiversity and are looking for the environmental value typical of wwf oases.

Campania Trekking, utility

To read before departure: "Trekking useful tips". To better share your travel experiences, I recommend that you take a look at the principles ofSocial Trekking. In the Campania region, urban trekking should not be underestimated.


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