Super foods: protect the brain and strengthen the memory

Super foods: this is how Neal D. Barnard, the author of "Super foods for the mind. A food program to protect the brain and strengthen memory
It is then immediately understood why they are "super“, These are the foods that are good for the head as well as for the rest of the body. Particularly good, and they are super because protect the brain of those who eat them, delaying the aging process as much as possible.

Super foods for the mind it dictates a simple and well-paced food program: in 3 steps. The content, however, is revolutionary precisely due to the chosen approach and the presence of super foods to make food more powerful. Collecting the results of the most recent studies on these super foods, so considered all over the world, therefore far from being urban legends, Neal D. Barnard has devised a path, a guide that makes the plate intelligent and the brain fed to the best.

In addition to the indications to distinguish the foods that deserve to be called super foods and those perhaps not harmful but harmless, the author provides numerous tips so that our mental health and our clarity can be protected and enhanced, thus combining the beneficial effects of super foods with daily actions to be repeated constantly and without any annoyance whatsoever. In the book, therefore, not only nutrition but also a program of exercises, physical and mental, and advice on habits to adopt or abandon. Small big actions that, in everyday life, can be a help for memory.

Super foods and small daily tricks, Barnard's book in your pocket at the market or at the bus stop: so everyone can guarantee a steel memory, but also a healthy brain, warding off the dangers of diseases such as Alzheimer's dementia, L'brain stroke and other problems that can arise with age.

Animal foods are not always super foods, however, there is something that can be saved. What about metals? Although they are very "super heroes" in the childhood imagination, as adults you can accept that they are the best ingredient for real super foods. The learned Barnard also explains how damage these substances can cause and how to stay away from them even when they are "well hidden".

If you want to buy the book online in eBook format discounted from 18 Euro to 10.99 Euro, here is the link: "Super foods for the mind. A food program to protect the brain and strengthen memory”By Neal D. Barnard, edited by L. Baroni and translated by S. Buttazzi.

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