Bmw i3, autonomy and range extender

Bmw i3, autonomy and range extender

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Bmw i3: price, road test, autonomy, range extender, features, options ...

Bmw i3 Price
ThereBMW i3takes you home to thepriceof 36,500 euros with a decent standard equipment (not very rich, given the price) which includes electric mirrors, parking sensors, speed regulator, climate control, stability and traction control, 19 ″ alloy wheels and automatic transmission.


Thepriceit goes up by 1,030 euros for the standard satellite navigator package, 1,010 euros for those who want a sunroof and 3,070 euros for those who choose leather seats. The most demanding can choose the Professional navigator which at 2,070 euros adds a 10.2 ″ screen that allows the 3D viewing of maps of major cities. By choosing the functionConnected Drive(picks up thepricefor another 370 euros), it will be possible to equip the car with traffic information (+160 euros) and activate the internet onboard (another 120 euros).

The LED headlights are chosen as optional with an increase ofpriceof 920 euros, while for the automatic climate it will be necessary to pay 2,050 euros. Those who prefer can choose the most efficient heat pump heating (at 570 euros) which should not affect less consumption andautonomy.


As already mentioned in the articleBmw i3 Price, features and defects, in Italy, the pure electric BMW is not equipped with fog lights.

By comparing the cost ofBMW i3with that of the otherselectric cars on the market in Italy, we see that the price increases almost in proportion with the horses:

  • Renault Zoe Z.E with Zen outfitting and its 88 hp engine can take home with 23,650 euros.
  • Nissan Leaf with Acenta set-up and 109 hp engine, costs 33,890 euros.
  • The entry-level BMW i3 charges € 36,500 and has 170 hp.

The question is…so many horses are needed in a city car?

Bmw i3 Autonomy
ThereBMW i3features a three-phase electric motor and lithium-ion battery that recharges fully in 8 hours. The 5-meter long charging cable is included, but there is also a fast-charging device that can be bought for 1640 euros.

The body structure is light, a mix of aluminum, plastics and carbon fiber. Lithium-ion batteries are guaranteed for eight years or 100,000 km and have aautonomyeffective - revealed with several road tests - of 118 km, sufficient for urban use. Those who do not want to live with the nightmare of flat batteries can choose theextended autonomy, the so-calledrange extenderwhich makes thepriceof 4,650 euros.


Bmw i3 Range extender
As anticipated, therange extenderincreases the cost ofBMW i3of 4,650 euros. In this version, theBMW i3mounts a two-cylinder petrol engine of 650 cm2 connected to a generator that powers the electric motor. The two-cylinder - which therefore acts as an electricity generator - is activated only when the battery charge drops to about 10% of the total. The two-cylinder is in turn powered by a 9.5-liter tank which should allow it to travel another 110 km (official data). The Range Extender enjoys Euro 6 approval compared to the solo versionelectricand gives the car a weight increase of 120 kg which makes acceleration times longer.

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