Wireless charging of technological devices

There wireless charging it's one of those things we would love when your smartphone's charger gets tangled in your bag. Or when smartphones, tablets and PCs need to be recharged (or run) all together, but the sockets are not enough.

The last frontier of wireless charging it's JOS, technically one energy surface, in fact, a lighting and charging system consisting of a micro-perforated panel on which electric and electronic devices can be powered and recharged without the use of cables, simply by placing them in any position and composition.

We can call it wireless touch charging, but how does it work? For recharge without wires all the most common technological devices are enough to anchor them to the system through a plug-in that allows three things: adhere to the microperforated surface of the sheet, establish electrified contact at the height of the holes, recharge together a large number of devices, even if different from each other. You cannot take the shock because the current is very low voltage.

What can you top up? From telephony to the latest generation devices, from wireless lamps to audio-video systems, cameras and sensors. JOS, produced by a Tuscan start-up called JOS Technology, allows you to manage the wireless charging of most of the electrical and electronic utilities that we use every day in the home or office.

Actually this system of wireless charging was born as a desk panel, where to place and recharge a large number of mobile devices together, but then two other versions arrived: the wall one (with the devices in a vertical position) and the ceiling one (to manage light points and also from acoustic insulation thanks to the sound-absorbing effect of the micro-perforated panel).

This energy surface it is also very green because it can work powered by a direct photovoltaic panel, which makes it transportable and usable outdoors. If the sun is not there, you can recharge yourself for a few hours thanks to the integrated battery.

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