Remedies for nausea

Remedies for nausea

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There nauseated it is a feeling of discomfort and discomfort in the stomach that can have various causes: it can be the result of an illness or the after-effects of an operation, the metrual cycle, a state of pregnancy or a simple flu. There nausea it can appear along with the headache or it can be caused by transportation.

In the latter case, the most frequent phenomenon is "seasickness", scientifically called motion sicknesscaused by the difference between the movement perceived by our sense of balance and that suggested by the sense of sight. The brain would then stimulate vomiting by acting on the stomach, mistakenly believing that one of the two senses has been deceived by the ingestion of a toxic substance.

The sense of nausea on means of transport can be limited by using the following measures:

- on all means of transport it is useful to sit at the front: in the car you will have to drive or sit on the seat next to the driver, in the train a seat next to the window will help and in the plane a seat in the front of the aircraft or near the wing .

On the ship, if you can, lie down on your stomach, closing your eyes and try to look at the horizon.

- on all means of transport try to always sit in seats facing the direction of travel

- no matter how powerful, try to keep the environment cool

- Before traveling, avoid abundant lunches or dinners, eliminating in particular alcohol and fatty foods. The best foods to eat before a car trip are solid, easily digestible foods such as bread, crackers and breadsticks.

- pleasant music and scents like mint and lavender can be beneficial

- traveling at night can help as visual stimuli are reduced

- avoid reading, playing portable video games or writing instead

- also avoid sudden movements especially of the head.

It is useful to know that when the nausea caused by motion sickness has now manifested itself there are no treatments that can block it: for this reason it is essential to prevent it.

Between remedies for nausea natural bracelets can be effective using the principles of acupuncture and acupressure, stimulating the P6 or Nei kuan point, which is located in the forearm, about 4 centimeters from the crease of the wrist. A pressure on this point, according to the principles of acupuncture, would allow to relieve the sensation of nausea, without having any side effects.

If you prefer to use medicinal-type nausea remedies it is important to contact a doctor or pharmacist for the most appropriate advice, especially if the drugs are intended for children.

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