Rose, variety for all needs

Rose varietyfor every need! Existvarietyofroseable to adapt to even the most difficult terrain. If in the past we have told you aboutfragrant varieties, for edging or for cutting, today we will present thosevarietycapable of growing in difficult conditions.

In the article Types of Roseswill find:

  • Rose fragrant varieties
  • Botanical roses

In the articleGarden roseswill find:

  • Rose varietyto create borders
  • Rose varietyto cut and pack bouquets
  • Rose varietyto set up rose bushes

Rose varietyable to adapt to the driest soils
Therosethey are very versatile, they can adapt to any type of terrain but somevarietythey seem to digest drought soils better. Let's talk about theComplicated, hybrid of Rosa gallica with simple flowers and an intense pink color, of Rosa Grootendorst Alba (white roses) and Grootendorst Pink (intense pink), both hybrids of Rosa rugosa.

Rose varietyto be grown in the shade and in places with little sunshine
Among the roses that can be grown in half-shade positions, we point out the sarmentoseAlberic Barbier (white roses), Ghislaine de Feligonde (yellow roses tinged with white), Paul’s Scarlet Climber (coral red roses). They grow well in low-sun locations toovarietyshrubs such as the Variegata di Bologna (white-fuchsia roses, it is avery fragrant variety), the Stanwell Perpetual, a hybrid of Rosa spinosissima, very refusing andperfumed, with minute foliage and dense very small thorns.

Rose varietyfor urban environments
There are dozens ofvariety of roseshybrids, selected to thrive in urban environments. Roses to be grown on balconies and in urban centers must be able to withstand pollution and poor maintenance. Among the most suitable roses we point out the Sevillana for his perfume and for the deep red color of the petals.

Rose varietyfor sea environments
Anyone who has a house by the sea knows how difficult it is to take care of the garden. To overcome this problem, it is better to prefer varieties resistant to this type of environment. Among the roses we point out the FJ Grootendorst, with carmine red petals and the Mermaid, the fragrant yellow rose. Both varieties that bloom from May to September.

Diseases of roses
Like all other plants, even therose they can be prey to infestations of aphids and leafhoppers.

Rose fragrant varieties
Betweenvarieties of very fragrant roses,we point out:

  • Bologna variety, it grows well in places with little sun / partial shade
  • Stanwell Perpetual, a white rose that adapts to gardens in partial shade
  • Sarah Van Flett, perfect for mountain gardens, can stand the cold
  • Frau Dagmar Hartopp, the rose with an intense scent also lives well near beaches and the sea.

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