How to become a sommelier

How to become a sommelier

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There are many young people who are approaching the sommelier profession. Knowing wines is an art, and sometimes it can also become a real job. The sommelier is a professional figure who, through thetasting, provides information on the characteristics of the wines and suggests combinations. The sommelier is able to carry out an organoleptic analysis to identify the characteristics of each one: density, flavor, color, smell. But let's see in detail how to become a sommelier giving you all the information; from competence to the type of school to be achieved.

How to become a sommelier, skills
In the most important restaurants, the "wine list", with a detailed description of the characteristics of the wine, is prepared by the sommelier. It will then be his task to always update it and propose it to customers to make known the types of wines so that they can appreciate the quality.
Another task of the sommelier is to organize the management of the cellar: it must always be tidy and clean. He will also need to check stocks and make sure they are always kept at the right temperature.
It is up to the sommelier to make purchases whose quality is commensurate with the price.

How to become a sommelier, knowledge
A good sommelier must:

  • Knowing how to pair wines with food.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of at least two foreign languages ​​(primarily English).
  • Know and know how to apply communication techniques and the rules of bon ton and etiquette.
  • Continuously update on the trend of the wine market and the styles that are the most popular in this area.

How to become a sommelier, the school
To become a sommelier you must learn the "tricks of the trade" by attending serious and accredited schools, which provide a complete and thorough preparation. The A.I.S. (Italian Sommelier Association), has its headquarters in Milan with offices also in other Italian regions. Just connect to the official website of the Association to be updated on the first level courses to become a sommelier, complete with theory and practice.

FISAR (Italian Federation of Sommeliers, Hoteliers and Restaurateurs) is another accredited school, which organizes courses to become sommeliers throughout Italy.

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