How to calculate the yield of photovoltaic panels

THE photovoltaic panels they are among the cheapest renewable resources; those who want to install a solar system can count on deductions and the possibility of carrying out the exchange on site. In the design of a solar system it is crucial to choose the right location for greater irradiation. In this article we will show you how to calculate the yield of photovoltaic panels, following our instructions.

As we have already mentioned, the current yield must be calculated, evaluating various details; such as the positioning of the different elements: each of them could have a different performance. Latitude, inclination, orientation, temperatures, irradiation and shading are factors that must be considered in order to have a plausible calculation for each individual case.
In addition to these external factors, those internal to the panel itself must also be evaluated: each structure provides for losses due to the inverter, the electronic components, any connection between multiple panels and aging. With all these elements, it will be possible to calculate the performance of the plant in question.

How to calculate the yield of photovoltaic panels, formula
To do the calculation we have the formula: Efficiency% = (Power / Surface / 1000) * 100
The peak power expressed in Watts is considered, the surface is given by the square meters of the panel including the external frame, while the number 1000W / m2 is the irradiation. We need the last number, namely 100, to have the percentage yield of production ..

How to calculate the yield of photovoltaic panels, practical example
For example, if the peak power corresponds to 300 Watts and the surface is 1,650 square meters, the calculation will be: (300 / 1,650 / 1000) * 100 = 18, 2. The result indicates that the panel will generate this energy figure by converting it from solar radiation. To find out the first data required you simply have to read the photovoltaic data sheet or its simple label.
In any case, the result will be different depending on the model you have and especially the position in which it is installed. By following the aforementioned indications, you can measure the product of the photovoltaic panels in a precise manner.

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