Sony SmartBand: review

Sony SmartBand: review

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Sony SmartBand: beautiful, light and cheap! These are the first three adjectives that I chose forSony activity tracker. Let's see the other features in detail ...

Sony SmartBand allows you to monitor the following parameters detected during our day:

1) number of steps coveredi (distinguishing between walking and running)

2) distance traveled

3) quality of sleep (distinguishing between light sleep and deep sleep)

4) calories burned

5) time spent doing different activities on your Android smartphone.

The first 4 parameters are detected thanks to the central unit inserted in the rubber bracelet:

Similarly to the others activity tracker that we have already reviewed:

Fitbit Charge the evolution of the Fitbit Flex, the latest release, now also available in Italy.

– Polar Loop

FitBit Flex

Jawbone UP24

Garmin Vivofit

– Samsung Gear Fit

the findings of Sony SmartBand they are carried out through a 3-axis motion sensor that perceives the movements made, integrated in the 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 chip. Sensor weight: 6 grams.

In addition Sony SmartBand interacts with your smartphone Android with version 4.4 or higher: in addition to Sony Experia Z1, Z2 and Z Ultra, for example LG Nexus 5, LG Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy Note III, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One, HTC One M8 are supported.

You can thus monitor the various types of use of your Android smartphone including use of various social networks, web browsing, photos, listening to music, games and more.

Sony SmartBand It does NOT support IOS / iPhone instead.

Among the strengths of the Sony SmartBand that distinguish it from other activity trackers the IP58 certification which guarantees the waterproofing of the device.

The connection with theSmartphone takes place without cables, using the Bluetooth protocol. Application essential Lifelog, downloadable for free from the Android Store to access the data detected by the Sony SmartBand.

To appreciate all the potential of Lifelog you can watch this official video (in English):

In correspondence with each activity registered on the Lifelog we can add our personal notes via the Life Bookmark function.

The battery of the Sony SmartBand has an average duration of 5 days and fully recharges in 30 minutes.

Sony's recommended price is 99 Euros but right now on Amazon Sony itself distributes the Sony SmartBand at 60.95 euros with free shipping! But I don't know how long this promotion will last from when you read this article.

The colors of the Sony SmartBand they are multiple; one of the latest released at the 2014 World Cup is that phosphorescent green in limited edition for 48 Euros!

Some available colors of the Sony SmartBand

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