Insulating windows, which ones to choose?

To thermally insulate your home adequately, specific interventions are also required on the fixtures: heat loss is avoided, consequently saving on the electricity bill. In this regard we will show you which choices to make to avoid heat loss, especially focusing on the choice of insulating windows.

The fixtures currently on the market are quite efficient in terms of thermal insulation; among these we have PVC, wood and aluminum. Obviously we are referring to double or triple glazed windows that allow for better livability inside the apartment since they also guarantee considerable acoustic insulation. It should be emphasized that clinical tests have shown that keeping noise pollution at low levels improves the quality of life. The double or triple glazed windows guarantee excellent results in this sense too.

Insulating windows, which ones to choose
PVC and aluminum are the preferred materials: they are resistant to atmospheric agents, also considering the outside of the window. Wood, a noble and very beautiful material, is not very effective with the passage of time; it is used in lamellar form and often combined with aluminum but over time, it undergoes overwhelming attacks: water, wind and snow could deform the profile and force us to replace the internal frame or at least to carry out an important maintenance intervention.

Insulating windows, double or triple glazing
As you well know, double or triple glazing means that between one glass and the other there is an air chamber, a space that acts as an insulator; in a double-glazed window, for example, the internal glass, the one that participates in the heating of the room, is not the same glass that we find outside. If we do a quick check, we find that the interior is usually warmer in winter and cooler in summer: this is due to the room, the air space that is interposed between the two glasses.
The glasses to be preferred are tempered ones, with multiple layers, as they guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Tempered glasses are able to avoid infiltrations, humidity and fogging.

Insulating windows, assignment of the building's energy class
Another important aspect not to be overlooked is the advantage obtained in replacing or modifying the windows in our apartment to install more effective ones in terms of thermal insulation. In this case, the house significantly increases the level in assigning the energy class in addition to the fact that it is possible to obtain the tax breaks provided in these cases.