Cultivating the garden on the balcony, practical advice

Cultivating the garden on the balcony, practical advice

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How to grow a vegetable garden on the balcony: instructions on how to organize a vertical vegetable garden, a vegetable garden in the bag or a vegetable garden in pot on a terrace or balcony. Tips on plants to grow on the balcony and terrace.

Therecultivation of the garden on the balconyit is a relatively recent practice; perfect for those who do not want to give up the pleasure of bringing to the table vegetables produced with their own hands even if they do not have a plot of land.

Forcultivate the vegetable garden on the balconywere born "alternative methods "of great practicality that are able to make good use of the spaces and little dirty the surface.

Vegetable garden on the balcony with vertical cultivation

The vertical cultivation of the garden is a valid strategy that can be implemented with pallets, plastic bottles, jars, containers, old gutters, PVC pipes. There are many do-it-yourself ideas and can be just as valid (in fact even lighter and easier to prepare) the solutions ofvertical garden for balconythink fromgardening sector.

There are many devices on the market for vertical cultivation on balconies and terraces. To get an idea of ​​the prices and proposals, we invite you to take a look at the photos of the products on Amazon: gardening section, vertical vegetable garden.

Garden on the balcony with sack cultivation

Therecultivation of vegetables and vegetables in bagsit is valid for those who want to set up the garden without having to organize themselves with heavier and more complex pots.

Which bags to use for cultivate the vegetable garden on the balcony?
On the market there are particular bags of soil already prepared for cultivation. These bags can be reused for 2-3 years, and replace, within a certain limit, the flower beds of avegetable garden.

The bags of soil for the cultivation of the vegetable gardenthey are readily available and are available in different formats: from 20 to 50 liters of soil. THEbagsalready prepared for cultivation on the balcony, they have a soil given by compost, peat and pumice in different percentages based on the type of vegetables you wantgrow on the balcony. There are bags with specific soil for cultivation of leafy vegetables, chillies, aubergines, tomatoes ...

Less expensive are bags with universal soil, more versatile and suitable for the cultivation of different types of vegetables.

The manufacturer ofbagsalready prepared for the "cultivation in bags“, Adds organic fertilizer to the soil, excellent for multiple production cycles in the same season, for example, for 4-5 crops of lettuce.

Nobody forbids you to buy bags of “standard” universal soil and add fertilizer cyclically so that you can face multiple production cycles in the same season!

After these production cycles, anyone who wants to continue using the same bag will have to manually add fertilizer - once a month - using water-soluble organic fertilizer.

Cultivation in sacks on the balcony of the house

Before proceeding with the planting of the seedlings, it is necessary to make small holes on the lower face of the bag (the one that will come into contact with the floor).

The forts must be 3 cm in diameter in correspondence with particular hatches reported by the manufacturer. The holes will be used to drain the water, so it is better to place ours“Vegetable garden in the bag”On a rectangular saucer.

The soil in the bag should be kept moderately moist until harvest time. If desired, a drip irrigation system can be installed in correspondence with the openings suitable for housing the plants in cultivation.

Vegetable garden on the balcony, what to plant

What to grow in the garden on the balcony? Virtually everything that can be adapted to growing in pots.

  • Peppers,
  • tomatoes,
  • parsley,
  • chili pepper,
  • basil,
  • eggplant,
  • lettuces,
  • garlic,
  • herbs,
  • onion,
  • radishes,
  • rocket salad,
  • chicory,
  • escarole,
  • ….

You can get more information in the article "10 vegetables to grow on the balcony ".

Vegetable garden on the balcony in winter, what to plant

In winter, radishes, chicory, radicchio can be planted on the balcony and with some extra care, even artichokes, potatoes and carrots. Even a few Brussels sprouts plants can give great satisfaction, for this you can read the article on how to grow Brussels sprouts in pots.

Check the weight of the pots on terraces and balconies

Before starting anycultivation on the balcony or terraceit is necessary to carefully check the weight that the structure can support. Clay pots are very heavy and should be excluded but, even plastic pots, once filled with soil and saturated with irrigation water (or rainwater) represent a heavy load. To make careful assessments, please read the page "How much weight can a balcony or terrace withstand ".

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