Alternative home cleaning remedies

Alternative home cleaning remedies

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THE alternative remedies for house cleaning they certainly require more time than traditional ones, but they have the advantage of being safe for our health and not polluting.

The difference between hyper-aggressive detergents and i alternative remedies it is not in the cleaning effectiveness or in the result but essentially in the fact that the latter only work if accompanied by two synergistic ingredients: good will in time.

If we want to clean the house avoiding the contraindications of strongly caustic products, let's arm ourselves with patience and see how to do it in some situations.

Alternative anti-limescale remedies. An excellent descaling action (we are talking about the one contained in the water that leaves halos on objects, taps or sinks) can be obtained with simple vinegar. The point is that the vinegar cannot be active by simple contact, so it will be necessary to leave the objects to soak all night. For surfaces you can use a rag soaked in vinegar.

Alternative remedies for gushing. The action of a gutter, which in the case of synthetic chemicals is a set of hyper-aggressive substances, can be obtained harmlessly with a good mechanical sucker or by throwing plenty of boiling water down the drain after pouring half a kilo of coarse salt into it. In this way, damage to the environment and also to the pipes is avoided.

Alternative remedies for cleaning windows, floors and tiles. In this case, the synthetic detergents can be effectively replaced by simple water with the addition of a little ammonia.

Alternative remedies to disinfect surfaces. If what is needed is a disinfectant as well as a cleaning action, steam cleaners can be used. These household appliances allow you to reach every nook and cranny, even the most hidden, and to sterilize it by eliminating mites without using any chemical product.

Alternative remedies for carpet cleaning. House rugs should be beaten frequently and washed at least once a year. For washing, you can use rags soaked in water and vinegar or water and ammonia. If possible, carpets should also be disinfected with steam. In this way, specific chemical cleaners can be avoided, which saturate the fibers with harmful substances which are then slowly released into the environment.

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