How to save on appliances

In this guide we will show you how to save on appliances, following some very important indications. By opting for energy-efficient appliances, we will have the opportunity to cut operating costs and save energy: the savings, although minimal, will prove profitable over time.

How to save on appliances, advice on purchasing

  • The best time to buy an appliance is September and October: these are months in which stores have to make room for new arrivals.
  • Also consider buying a model on display: a small scratch or dent could save you considerably.
  • Make sure the retailer agrees to take back your old appliance - you could get a nice discount on the price of the new one.
  • Do not underestimate the possibility of using the eco-bonus: it allows you to make tax deductions even on purchases of household appliances.

How to save on appliances, washing machine
Choose front-loading washing machines with spin speeds between 1,100 and 1,200: they are the most efficient and allow you to shorten the drying cycle

How to save on appliances, dryer
Choose the dryer equipped with an inverter motor (more efficient), which also works with woolen garments, with energy consumption in kw combined with triple A class.

How to save on appliances, kitchen
Choose induction cookers: they are more efficient and easier to clean. This type of hob has flat-bottomed pans so if you don't have a kitchen set of this type, you'll need to include it in your shopping list.

How to save on appliances, oven
Choose the self-cleaning models: in addition to being more efficient in cooking, they also allow you to save on the chemicals needed to clean them.

How to save on appliances, dishwasher
At the time of purchase, make sure that the program includes a regular, economical and heavy cycle on the front panel. Prefer models with nylon-covered baskets: the alternative (vinyl) may be cheaper, but they break immediately.

How to save on appliances, fridge
Choose a large model: when refrigerators and freezers are overloaded, they work poorly, as the air cannot flow properly inside them.

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