Turmeric: healing properties

There turmeric is a spice widely used in oriental cuisine, in particular Indian and Thai, which is gaining increasing acceptance also in the West for its numerous healing properties.

The pulverized roots of turmeric are also the main ingredient in curry, a spice that is even better known to us.

The healing properties of turmeric they range from the antioxidant effect (confirmed by a study by the Universal of Maryland Medical Center) to the protective function for the liver, from the ability to stimulate the production of bile to the function of antiseptic.

The latest property attributed to this incredible spice, according to a study by one of the most authoritative hospitals in the world, the Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, is that of being able to regenerate brain cells after a stroke.

Researcher who led the study, Paul A. Lapchak, Ph.D., director of Translational Research in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center's Department of Neurology, focused his studies on curcumin, the main substance that makes up the turmericby extracting a hybrid component called CNB-001 capable of triggering the repairing action of brain cells affected by stroke in laboratory mice. Research is continuing to collect data that confirm similar properties of turmeric for humans as well.

The healing properties of turmeric they are also known in Ayurvedic cuisine which considers it an excellent antiseptic for cuts, bruises and burns.

Turmeric is characterized by a yellow color that makes it similar in appearance to saffron, so much so that it is also known as "Saffron of the Indies", despite having a totally different chemical composition.

The plant of origin, called Curcuma Longa it is about a meter high, with leaves of about 30 cm. Turmeric powder with healing properties is obtained from the roots of the plant.

The world's leading turmeric producer is India and in particular the state of Andhra Pradesh, in central-eastern India. Curcuma Longa plants also grow spontaneously in other South Asian states, such as Bangladesh and Malaysia.

To learn more about Turmeric and its properties or to learn how to cook it, you can read several books at a cost of around 8 Euros.

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