Electric vehicle charging: things to know

Electric vehicle charging: things to know

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There electric vehicle charging it is one of the weak points of e-mobility. While waiting to see an electricity distributor on every street corner, as there are petrol and diesel and a little less than LPG and methane, those who own an electric vehicle (car, scooter or pedal assisted bike) must put in I count the commitment of home recharging of batteries. But first it is good to know a few things.

In fact the electric vehicle charging it has a limit which, in the case of cars, is that it is not for everyone. It is true that there are useful search engines such as the Go Electric Station that help in the search for electric car charging stations, but those who do not live in urban centers, especially in large cities such as Rome, Milan, Florence and Bologna - and do not have a garage or a parking space with power socket - can only think of a pedal-assisted bicycle or an electric scooter with a removable battery.

And even once the above limit has been exceeded, the disadvantage remains (we are talking about electric bicycles and scooters) of having to extract the battery cases every day, which can weigh up to 10-20 kg each, and take them to recharge at the power outlet. closer, and then having to reinsert them in the scooter upon departure.

So much 'effort' in the electric vehicle charging could reduce the economic convenience of a vehicle of this type, not to mention that the mechanical wear of the slider risks deteriorating the batteries even before chemistry does it. It is good that those who must reflect on these points, but for my part - I am speaking personally - I am quite convinced that electric mobility is in the future rather than in the present and that the offer will be accompanied by services.

In addition to the electric vehicle charging, it is good to worry about the quality of the battery at the time of purchase. Starting with the warranty. In fact, it may happen to be offered a battery 'guaranteed for 2 years' or' guaranteed for X recharge cycles, but in both cases, suspicions must arise.

It is impossible for a battery to be under warranty for 2 years, for the simple reason that the life of a battery does not depend on aging but on charging cycles. In the case of batteries guaranteed for X charging cycles, how does the seller know how many we have made? Everything risks being a bit too uncertain and when buying it it is good to ask for all possible information.

Another delicate chapter of the electric vehicle charging is the 'home' management of batteries, in the sense of precautions and safety. Batteries are containers of energy (sometimes a lot of energy) that should not be exchanged for harmless items of furniture, especially if we take them home for recharging as owners of scooters and pedal assisted bikes often do.

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