Electric bike, prices and models

Electric bike, prices and models

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Electric Bike Prices and models available on the market.

Electric bikes low prices
Until now, the only oneselectric bikes at low pricesavailable on the market fail to offer satisfactory real autonomy. Talking aboutelectric bikestolow pricewe mention Decathlon's BTwin and e-Cycle folding electric bikes that can be bought with a budget of 600 euros.

BTwin electric bikesby Decathlon
In the range of BTwin electric bikesB'ebike, the one with lowest price costs 715 euros, equipped with a steel frame, 26 ″ wheels and lithium batteries with a range of up to 60 km. THEprices they pass to 815 euros for the varientalady and 1020 euros for the men's model with rear suspension. Thepricehigher is that of the top of the range, the 9 B'ebike model takes home with 1,430 euros and has a suspension saddle and fork, 7-speed gearbox and 36V and 10 Ah battery capable of giving a range of 80 km .

Thereelectric bicycleMiele PX-20 charges around 900 euros and has a range of 70 km. Theelectric bikesGABike are proposed by the Coopworl Social Cooperative: six bikes can be ordered and ipricesfluctuate according to the models: city bikes cost from 900 to 962 euros with a range of 70 km, thepriceof mountain bikes fluctuates between 962 and 1,035 euros, the cheapest models can be bought with 799 euros and have 45 km ofassisted pedaling it's 20 ″ wheels.

Electric bicycle,the cult
BMW electric bike, available at price of 2,590 euros
Smart electric bike, the launch price is 2,900 euros
Peugeot electric bicycles, you come to apricemaximum of 2,699 euros.
EcoWheels, line ofelectric bikesof the historic Italian brand ASpes
FlyKly Smart Wheel kit, it is a kit to turn your bike into oneebikedo-it-yourself.

We recommend reading the article "Electric bicycles 2014“Where we analyzed the technical data sheets of about a dozen models ofelectric bicycle. Among the models ofelectric bicycleproposed this 2014 we add:
-Cannondale, Tramount 29ER E-Hardtail
Professional MTB that is equipped with a 400 W Bosh G2 Performance motor and 29-inch wheels. It weighs only 18.6 kg and costs 3,999 euros.
- Cycloone Reloy
It is a 23 kg electric city bike with a 250 watt brushless motor. It recharges in 6 hours and can cover a distance of 100 km in pedal assist mode.
-Electra Townie Go! (pictured above)
Thereelectric bicycleCruiser with a vintage design and old style saddle, it is equipped with a 250 W motor and 36V batteries that recharge in 3 and a half hours. The price is 1,595 euros.

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