Clean air in the house: the measure of a lamp

At home we breathe clean Air? And in the office? Considering that on average we spend 90% of our time inside confined spaces, the question certainly makes sense. The point is: how to know the quality of the air moment by moment without resorting to complex analyzes that moreover we cannot do alone?

A help can be given by the lamp, for the moment still a prototype of a lamp, which CSI Piemonte in collaboration with CSP presented for the first time at SMAU Turin, the traveling information technology fair. Green light clean Air, yellow light threshold of attention, red light polluted air. So we will know when it is convenient to open the windows.

The prototype is called HALADIN’s, but it is not a magic lamp. Rather, it is a sophisticated hardware and software system (the acronym means Hardware Low-cost for Air quality Detection in Indoor spaces) capable of measuring the levels of VOC (Volatic Organic Compounds) and formaldehyde giving feedback via three colored LEDs (green , yellow Red).

Formaldehyde and VOC are the main indoor air pollutants and are also very dangerous. They are found in adhesives, paints, impregnants, resins, numerous building materials, for finishing and for furnishings. In addition to many products for hygiene and home maintenance, insecticides, antites and tarlicides. Finally, they are found in cigarette smoke, which remains one of the main threats toclean Air indoors.

How it is made? HALADIN's has the appearance and ease of use of a lamp, but as we have said it is much more. The hardware and software system is based on a well-known platform among programmers called Arduino, where low cost sensors are integrated through a specially developed sensor board. Sensors, electronic board and communication devices are hosted by the suitably modified lamp-object.

C.How does it work? The data collected by HALADIN's sensors are sent at pre-set intervals (how often the owner of the lamp decides) to a remote server via a wi-fi connection. In this way, they can be viewed online in real time by connecting to a portal, where all previous surveys can also be viewed and compared.

Not only clean Air. With this lamp you can also keep under control other physical parameters of indoor air quality and not only, such as temperature, humidity and brightness. A real home control unit for real-time detection of the main conditions on which the healthiness of closed environments depends.

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