Coffee grounds, 15 useful uses

Coffee grounds, 15 useful uses

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Coffee grounds as a fertilizer, to combat cellulite, for hair care, for the care of acidophilic plants and many other uses.

THE coffee grounds they represent a very precious resource in personal care, gardening and home cleaning. In most cases, the fwaves of coffee they are thrown into the bin without knowing that they are an excellent ally for our pocket and for the environment.

Recycle the coffee grounds at home

  1. To eliminate refrigerator odors
    THE coffee grounds they prove to be valid allies in the kitchen to eliminate bad smells in the fridge: just put a bowl with coffee grounds in the fridge and leave it to act for at least a day.
  2. To keep ants away in a natural way
    THE coffee grounds they are useful for fighting ants in a natural way: just put the coffee grounds in the bowls, mix them with vinegar and then place them in the corners of the house.
  3. To remove stains
    Useful for removing stubborn stains on the stove! In this context, you should mix a few drops of the normal detergent with the coffee grounds and treat the stained area.
  4. To get rid of the stink of garlic and onion
    They can be used on the hands to eliminate onion and garlic odors, just mix the coffee powder with the Marseille soap powder. It actually works well on its own too! Seeing is believing.
  5. To clean encrustations from the hearth
    Do you have a fireplace? The coffee grounds can be used to clean the burnt ash from the hearth, possibly eliminating bad smells.

Coffee grounds for body care

  1. Face and body scrub
    THE coffee grounds they can be used to cleanse the body; just mix the brown powder with olive oil and we get an effective and above all velvety body scrub. The face scrub is prepared using only a small amount of coffee grounds.
  2. To counteract cellulite
    Prefer a natural treatment for the cellulite? Just combine the coffee grounds with brown sugar and coconut oil. All you have to do is massage the affected area with circular movements and rinse with warm water.
  3. Energizing foot bath
    For an energizing foot bath we can use the so-called coffee laying. In this home remedy you can use leftover coffee, in fact, for the preparation you need to pour coffee into hot water and immerse your feet, then, with the coffee grounds, you will have to massage your feet to immediately have a well-being. This remedy is useful for softening the heels and relieving the pains of tired feet.
  4. For hair care
    If you have brown hair, you can use the crumbled coffee grounds before the last rinse, they would help keep them healthy and shiny.
  5. Natural exfoliant
    The "coffee poses" are an excellent natural exfoliant for the skin: just apply on the body with circular movements, massage and rinse.

Coffee grounds for the garden

  1. Coffee grounds as fertilizer
    THE coffee grounds as a fertilizer they contain potassium, phosphorus, copper and magnesium, therefore they are perfect natural fertilizers, both used alone and together with normal fertilizer. At the time of repotting, add some coffee grounds to the universal soil. In the vegetable garden, when you carry out the superficial tillage of the soil, bury the coffee grounds.
  2. For mulching plants
    A mulch capable of fertilizing the soil can be prepared by mixing peat and laying coffee. This mixture can be added as mulch to plants in pots or in the garden, just distribute it on the surface layer of the soil and press. Rain and irrigation will do the rest.
  3. As a liquid fertilizer
    It can be used as a liquid fertilizer. Just add two cups of coffee grounds to a bucket of water and after a night of infusion, you will have your natural liquid fertilizer for garden and pot plants.
  4. Coffee grounds for acidophilic plants
    The laying of coffee has the ability to lower the pH of the soil, which is excellent for acidophilic plants.
  5. In the compost bin
    Coffee grounds can create a great soil. Added to the composter they will help you in the control of bad odors.

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