Change electricity provider

Change electricity provider

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Change electricity provider it is simple and does not involve costs, the point is to understand if it is worth doing. Let's say that since electricity spending is on average on the rise in all Italian families - something to which the increase in devices to be powered contributes - the answer is that it is worth looking around and comparing the offers of the various operators.

The situation is indeed strange. On the one hand, we have appliances that are increasingly cost-effective or that they claim to be (but compared to a few years ago they certainly are), on the other hand, the domestic hunger for electricity is constantly increasing.

Cars, scooters and pedal assisted bicycles are equipped with batteries that can be recharged at home, but obviously not for free. Even the needs of tablets and smartphones are not to be underestimated, and if we took the trouble to measure how much the daily recharge of these devices costs us we would be amazed.

The convenience of change electricity provider in short, it depends on the needs, but not only. A 'geographical' consideration must also be made. In fact, a manager's offer may not necessarily be the same throughout the national territory, some parameters can change even very significantly.

Once the evaluations have been made and the new supplier has been chosen, the simplest part arrives, which is really less complicated than you might think and which does not involve any intervention on the systems. We are in a free market and traders looking for new customers by offering affordable rates are happy to help change electricity provider.

The thing to do is to send a transfer request to the new operator, it will then be he who communicates the cancellation to the previous supplier and manages the entire transfer procedure, giving you other simple instructions if necessary. At this point there is only to wait, but always do it with your eyes open.

At the stage you are about to change electricity provider always do a careful reading of the meter, which will allow you to avoid - contesting them - any double billing and to ask for any adjustments. The other thing that can happen to you, but it depends on the operators, is that they ask you for a security deposit at the start of the new service. In any case, it is a deposit that will be returned to you (usually within 30 days) in the event of any termination of the service.

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