Piaggio electric scooter

Piaggio electric scooter

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The MP3 Hybrid is itPiaggio electric scooteron three wheels. The MP3 Hybrid was created thanks to an agreement with CoRePla, the Plastic Packaging Recovery Consortium, which allowed the production of some components of the scooter with recycled plastic.

ThePiaggio mp3 Hybridarrived on the market way back in 2009 as the first hybrid-powered scooter in the world. In 2010, Piaggio carried out the first range update by introducing the 300 version of the Mp3 Hybrid.

Hybrid technology is the plug-in technology that reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by over 50%. With thePiaggio electric scooterMp3 Hybrid 300ie, an electric powertrain flanks a 300cc heat engine offering pickup and acceleration comparable to those seen on a 400cc scooter.

The electric engine is powered by lithium-ion batteries combined with Plug-in technology, offering the possibility of charging from the mains.


Piaggio Mp3 Hybrid Electric Scooter Price
Thepriceof thePiaggio Mp3 Hybrid electric scootervaries by model and configuration. Mp3 Hybrid 300 i.e., was launched atpriceof 7,990 euros, alongside the cheaper versionHybrid 125 i.e.ThePiaggio electric scooterswere created to satisfy a more attentive and environmentally friendly clientele who love to have technologically advanced products.

ThePiaggio Mp3 hybrid scooter, with an electric and thermal engine, is only Piaggio's first zero-emission mobility model, the Pontedera-based company is carrying out a series of investigations to be able to expand the proposals for pure electric mobility or combined with thermal engines.


Piaggio Electric Hello Scooter
In addition to the larger - and expensive -Piaggio mp3 Hybrid electric scooter, do not forget the Hello Electric. The Pontedera house is developing an ambitious strategic plan that will take place over the period 2014-2017 with a plausible and suggestive return ofmythical"Hi" in versionelectric bicycle. The “Ciao”, launched in 1967, was produced in over three and a half million copies. A synthesis of minimal design and practicality, theHiit could return to the market as an electric mini-scooter or ebike. The probableHello Electricshould be equipped with lithium-ion batteries, easy to use, practical as always and, in the guise ofebike, would not need a license plate, insurance, nor a driving license. The mobility products of the future will be studied by Piaggio in collaboration with Harvard experts.

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