Soil digging, when and how

Soil digging, when and how

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Theredigging of the soilit is an operation that takes place in autumn and winter, when the soil is not frozen, and allows the sowing of some crops in the following spring season.

With thedigging of the soilthe preparation of the garden begins: the substrate must be hoed for a long time, chopped up and deprived of its clods. To completely eliminate every rocky fragment, coarse agglomerate and all the roots present, we resort todigging. Such work oftillageit is tiring - especially if done by hand - and requires a lot of patience.

In agriculture it is customary to divide the tillage work into two phases, the "first dig” and the "second dig"Also called"double digging". The second dig is not always essential, it is only necessary when we have to work with clayey soil.

How is thedigging of the soil
If you are wondering how it isspade a land, rest assured, the description can be more difficult than the operation itself.Digging up landit's simple but tiring, make sure you're well hydrated before starting.

1) Divide the soil into two parts and move the clods to the depth of the spade used.
2) Proceed by digging a hole and setting aside the soil obtained, you will need it at the end.
3) Dig a second hole.
4) Insert the soil obtained from the second hole in the first hole.
5) Continue to dig holes and fill them until the area fromdig.
6) The soil obtained from the first excavation is placed in the last hole.

Theredouble diggingorsecond dig
Only necessary in the case of particularly clayey soils. We work on areas 60 cm wide: we choose to work on small strips of land because the latterdigginginvolves a more demanding intervention where the soil is reached in depth, taking care not to mix the surface layer with the deeper one.

The doubledigging of the soilit is also necessary when it is necessary to fertilize, in fact, by digging deeper, it is possible to add fertilizers for growing plants.

Not just fertilizer, anyone who wants to change the structure or pH of their soil must take advantage ofdiggingto add suitable substances. For example, to grow cabbages that require alkaline soil, it will be appropriate to add to the soil, duringdigging, of chalk powder or calcium hydrate.

Whendig up the soil
Thegroundit must bediggedevery year, immediately after the harvest or in February. If the soil is very light and sandy, it is better to wait until February to dig, otherwise the winter rains could make it compact again and frustrate the efforts carried out.

Mechanized digging

If manual digging is conceivable for small gardens, those who have a large plot of land or those who do not want to work too hard can dig using a motor hoe. The tiller moves the ground more, returning a better result in the best time. To get an idea of ​​what the prices and models of rotary tiller are on the market, we refer you to the useful links.