How to eliminate bad smells at home, natural remedies

How to eliminate bad smells at home, natural remedies

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How many times has it happened to us to find all kinds of bad smells at home? the fault of smoking, poorly stored food, frying, organic garbage, sneakers, mold ... in short, the list is long! In this regard we will illustrate you how to eliminate bad smells in the house, using natural methods.

How to eliminate bad smells in the room
How disgusting is that smell that comes from the wardrobe: stale, old, mothballs. To eliminate the problem it is enough to take fresh tangerines, pierce them several times with a large needle and insert a clove into each hole. Once placed in the wardrobe, you will rediscover a very pleasant smell.

Another problem is the sneakers: they infect the whole room! In this case we can use thyme: just place a layer of the dry spice inside the shoes and let it rest for a whole night.

This remedy also applies to the smell of mold both in the drawers and in the room.

How to eliminate bad smells in the kitchen
There are foods that once cooked leave bad smells such as cabbage, Neapolitan friggitelli or fish. To eliminate these bad odors, it is enough to put on the lid, during cooking, a cotton ball soaked in vinegar or add a piece of stale bread to the cooking water: it helps to absorb the bad smell.

As for the fried?
Just dip a lemon peel and a stick of celery in boiling oil while cooking, making sure to remove everything as soon as it starts to brown.

Even if you boil water and vinegar next to the oil pan during cooking, it could be effective: the evaporation of the mixture will help purify the air. This solution can also be used when we burn something in the kitchen, so as to be able to dampen the smell.

How to eliminate bad smells in the fridge
For eliminate bad smells in the refrigerator it can be remedied by putting a piece of charcoal between food and drinks: it should be placed in an open box, without a lid, to absorb bad smells.
Alternatively, you can place a small glass with vinegar and baking soda in a corner of the refrigerator: the baking soda has the function of absorbing odors, while the vinegar covers and removes them.

And if you want a fragrant environment in your home, you can prepare an air freshener: just put a few flowers of violets without stems in a bottle and mix them with a little salt.

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