Lime tree pruning, all instructions

Lime tree pruning, all instructions

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How to prune the lime tree: all instructions on thelime tree pruningand types of farming. Which branches to cut, when to prune and useful tips.

Therelime tree pruningit is essential to always have tender leaves and young shoots available. In addition, thelime treeit is a tree that in nature reaches a height of 25-30 meters with a crown diameter that can reach 15-20 meters. With careful attentionpruningit is possible to breed thelime treebush, sapling or simply, let the foliage breathe to keep the plant healthy and tidy.

When to prune the lime tree

The lime tree must be drastically pruned in order to stimulate production, from spring to all summer. This pruning is said ofinvigoration, as the lime tree will develop vigorous shoots (new vegetation). The pruning period can vary according to the purpose you want to achieve. Theperiod of pruning of the lime treein fact, it can also vary according to the need for breeding.

How to prune the lime treesapling

Those who want to mitigate the gargantuan dimensions of thelime tree, can provide for gradual pruning to give it a sapling training. There lime tree pruning alberello must be carried out immediately. If you have a linden that is already very developed, all you can do is keep it in order as we will see later. If, however, you have toplant a lime tree in the gardenand you want to prepare for pruning, know that you must act immediately.

Lime tree, sapling pruning

Cut the stem at the time of planting to 1-1.5 meters in height. Then let four main branches (branches) develop, cutting off any unwanted shoots.

The four main branches will have to be pollarded every year. When to prune the lime tree? This cut takes place in February and is carried out at about 2 meters from the ground so as to develop new jets in the cutting area.

With thepruningwith the sapling just described, the tree will not exceed 3 - 3.5 meters in height when fully vegetated. The foliage of the lime tree thus pruned will take on a globular shape, very ornamental.

How to prune the lime treebush

Therelime tree pruningbush takes place in February. It is very simple and consists of cutting the trunk of the lime tree close to the ground, this cut must be repeated every 4-5 years. From the buds present at the base, vigorous suckers will develop which will produce shoots and leaves to be collected only in part, in order to allow the plants to form the crown.

Lime tree, maintenance pruning

Who wants grow a lime treeof course, without affecting its growth, it canprunewithout following particular techniques.

In this case you will not have to follow particular rules but rely on generality, remembering the basic rules of pruning. First of all, throughout the season of growth of the lime tree rooted suckers can be cut.

Anyone wishing to obtain a tall lime tree can proceed to pruning in June to cut the lower lateral branches without affecting the collar. If the branch is large, the lower part must first be cut, then the branch is cut starting from the upper part, keeping about 10 cm away from the trunk, and finally, the stump is worked on, always keeping a certain distance from the trunk so as not to damage the trunk. collar of branches.

Pruning of the lime tree between October and March

Between October and March it is possible to fix the foliage of older plants; those who act in winter will have to wait for a period with a mild climate and free from frost.

As stated, there are no precise rules, but if, for example, there are unsightly vertical branches that develop through the foliage, they can be cut, always paying attention not to damage the collar of the branches. It is recommended to thin out the foliage of the lime tree so that it receives more light and air. It is also recommended to remove dead branches.

Which scissors to use

The equipment to be used for thelime tree pruningdepends on the breeding. A very other lime tree will have to be pruned with shears with telescopic handles or professional equipment. The largest trunks will be cut with a saw, while for thinning or cutting the hardest branches with a reasonable diameter, it is recommended to use a double-edged scissors.

Generally, I recommend the use of the double-edged scissors only to experienced gardeners. This is because it is less easy and more "difficult to use ", it needs more strength but the double blade guarantees clean cuts even when the branches to be cut have a more pronounced diameter.

The double-edged scissor allows you to make a clean cut due to the convergence of the blades in the center of the branch. Consequently, those who want to use it must have sufficient strength in their hands.

If a woman or an inexperienced gardener has to prune the lime tree, the most convenient choice falls on the ratchet scissors.

Where to buy double-edged scissors? At garden centers or nurseries, they are usually bought for a few tens of euros, however I recommend purchasing a professional one. Trees like linden can develop branches that are really hard to cut and it is essential to focus on the quality of the shears to use. TOthis Amazon pagefind high quality professional scissors, the price may seem a bit high, especially if you consider that at Leroy Merlin you can find double-edged scissors even for 9 - 10 euros, but I would never recommend them for cutting linden trees or trees. fruit ... rather you can use them for pruning rose gardens and ornamental slender branches!

Please Note: Our website has no connection with the manufacturer of the reported double-ended scissors. We only mentioned the product in order to make the text more complete and based on personal experiences as they are scissors that I have been using personally for several years. On Amazon you can find other much cheaper scissors and, as stated, they are easy to find at any garden center, so feel free to make the choice you prefer.

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