Exhausted batteries and accumulators: collection on the rise

Exhausted batteries and accumulators: collection on the rise

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The exhausted batteries collected are 31.8% of new portable batteries and accumulators placed on the market. What happens to the others? They escape the count because they are probably not collected, at least not in an organized way, and end up in landfills together with unsorted waste or who knows where. With enormous environmental damage since the exhausted batteries they have a very high polluting potential.

Fortunately, the National Coordination Center for Batteries and Accumulators tells us that in 2013 the relationship between exhausted batteries collected and new ones (plus portable accumulators) increased by 4% compared to the previous year, which gives us hope in the possibility of reaching 45% of separate collection imposed by Europe by 2016 for this type of waste.

The good result is mainly due to the increase in collection points served by the CDCNPA, which at the end of 2013 reached 3,270, which is almost double in 2012. Overall, 8 million and 440 thousand kg of waste of the type were collected in 2013 exhausted batteries and portable accumulators. Of this quantity, about 2.8 million kg come from activities coordinated directly by the CDCNPA and about 5.7 million kg from collection activities carried out voluntarily by the collection systems set up by the producers of batteries and accumulators.

Italy at multiple speeds. The collection of exhausted batteries and portable accumulators is not uniform in the Peninsula. Some regions shine, others chase. In the central-northern Italy area, the most virtuous region is Lombardy with 477.095 kg of exhausted batteries and accumulators collected in 2013, then Emilia Romagna with 427,511 kg and then Piedmont with 294,755 kg. It must be said that Lombardy is also the region with the highest concentration of collection points (724), before Veneto (369) and Piedmont (346).

In the southern area and the islands, Campania stands out with 59,351 kg of exhausted batteries and portable accumulators collected in 2013. Behind there are Puglia with 46,440 kg and Basilicata with 23,442 kg. In the south and islands, the ranking of collection points sees Campania excel with 141 collection points, followed by Puglia with 131 and Sicily with 88 collection points.

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