America's most dangerous animals

America's most dangerous animals

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After seeing what the most dangerous animals in Africa, let's see the ranking of America's most dangerous animals, you will have some unexpected surprises.

TheAmerica's Most Dangerous Animals: ranking

# 10 The Frog Dentrobatidae
The ranking ofAmerica's most dangerous animalsbegins with a small amphibian with a bright color, a speckled blue. The Rana Dentrobatidae has been renamed as the arrow poison frog due to its history. The poison is localized on the skin and acts as a repellent for predators. Despite this information, does it seem like a harmless animal? Know that a small 5cm frog has enough poison to kill 10 people. They are found in Central and South America.

# 9 The Grizzly Bear
The friendly Grizzly is a powerful hunter with claws and jaws with a lethal character. Lives in the Rocky Mountains.

# 8 The Shark
The hunter of the waters. It is no coincidence that he was the fearsome protagonist of a large number of films. The Shark attacks when it feels endangered or excited by the smell of blood.

# 7 The Conus
Do you believe it? In the ranking of America's most dangerous animals we find the Conus, a small, beautiful-looking mollusk. Conus manages to release a poison which in the event of an attack on humans could prove lethal.

# 6 The Coral Snake
It is called the Coral Snake and is the most venomous snake in North America. When it attacks, it injects a neurotoxin capable of causing paralysis of the respiratory muscles.

# 5 The Puma
Also known asmountain lion, the Puma finds its habitat in various locations in America (central, southern and northern). The Puma can be a very lethal animal but it does not attack humans: only 16 deaths registered within 20 years.

# 4 The Crotalus atrox
Let's crawl back. After the Coral Snake we find the western adamantine rattlesnake, a rattlesnake. This rattlesnake, when biting, injects a hemotoxic venom that destroys tissue and organs.

# 3 The Blue Ringed Octopus
On the podium of the ranking ofAmerica's most dangerous animalswe find another mollusk. The blue-ringed octopus stings and injects a poison that contains a tedrotoxin that works by paralyzing the victim's muscles and causing loss of taste, sight and touch.

#The American crocodile
One of the largest crocodiles in the world. It can reach more than six meters in length and, in the event of an attack, the man is doomed.

# 1 Box Jellyfish
In the ranking ofAmerica's most dangerous animals invertebrates depopulate, after the conus and the blue-ringed octopus, comes the most poisonous jellyfish in the world. It is a bubozoa, its tentacles inject a poison that blocks the cardiovascular system and can lead to death within 2-5 minutes.

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