Most dangerous animals of Africa

Most dangerous animals of Africa

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Who wants to organize a Safari in the "black continent"He will have to know what he is up against. Have you ever wondered what themost dangerous animals in Africa ? In this post we will present you a quick ranking that will answer this question.

The most dangerous animals in Africa

# 10 The Black widow
It is located in southern Africa, it does not like to attack humans but when it is in danger it does not hesitate to do so. It lives mainly in urban areas and its danger lies in the poison: with a bite it can administer particular neurotoxins that cause physical shock.

# 9 The Rhinoceros
He can charge victims by using his horn and overwhelming them with his heavy body weight.

# 8 The Scorpion of Africa
Its venom quickly reaches the central nervous system causing great damage.

# 7 The Cape buffalo
The buffalo is vegetarian but not harmless. They reach a speed of 50 km / h and thus overwhelm their victims.

# 6 The Spotted Hyena
The hyena's jaws are capable of breaking even human bones! Generally they do not attack humans but if they do ... they do not wait for the death of the prey to start eating.

# 5 The Gabonese Viper
Thanks to the color of its skin, it blends perfectly in its habitat so that the victim realizes that he has been attacked by a viper only after its ferocious ambush. The Viper of Gabon, in addition to finishing in the ranking ofmost dangerous animals in Africa, has another record: it is the snake with the most painful bite in the world. The viper bite destroys the victim's blood vessels and muscle tissue while the venom causes death.

# 4 The Lion
The predator par excellence, the King of the Forest…. it's not even on the podium! The lion is not afraid of man. First it follows its prey without making itself heard and then launches the decisive attack by showing off its agility.

# 3 The Black Mamba
Which of you has seen Kill Bill? Well ... the code name of the protagonist was justBlack Mamba. The Black Death, the Black Mamba, is a deadly snake, the most feared in Africa. When it bites, it injects toxins which, first of all, blur the vision, cause the victim to lose consciousness and die.

# 2 The Hippopotamus
The Hippopotamus looks so tender ... yet, it wins the silver medal in the ranking ofmost dangerous animals in Africa. If an intruder invades its territory, the hippo opens its jaws wide and emits a warning sound followed by the attack.

# 1 The Nile crocodile
The Nile crocodile is known to be the alligator that kills the most people in the world. The Nile crocodiles claim over 100 victims a year. Once this crocodile has bitten its prey, it drags it into the water so as to drown and devour it.

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