Solar shields for buildings and homes

Solar shields for buildings and homes

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With thesolar shieldsit is possible to regulate the amount of light entering a building, passively exploit energy and capture solar gains in the winter, as well assolar shieldsallow the production of energy and represent an interesting architectural solution.

Solar shieldsand energy saving
A system ofsolar shieldsideal, it manages to provide maximum thermal insulation in the winter and ensure freshness when the sun beats. Thanks to its insulating power and other characteristics, thesolar shieldsplay a crucial role in the energy expenditure of a building:

- optimizing the flow of heat and solar energy through the building facades
- favoring natural lighting at any time of the day
- always providing ideal lighting through controlled solar shading
- producing solar energy

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems account for up to 80 percent of energy expenditure. Proper thermal insulation is crucial for an energy-efficient building as is the ability to self-produce clean energy. In addition to cutting the costs associated with HVAC systems, solar shading drastically reduces the costs associated with artificial lighting.

Solar shields with automatic orientation
In systems ofsolar shadingmore advanced, the slats that make up the system are adjustable. To orient the slats, it is possible to use an automatic control capable of making the facade of the building interact with the external atmospheric conditions.

Photovoltaic solar screens
Always talking aboutsolar shieldsevolved ", the control systems for the orientation of the slats, can exploit solar energy: the continuous alignment of the slats with the sun is made possible by the energy produced by photovoltaic modules (which can be, depending on the model, transparent or tinted united) integrated.

Solar shieldsin the home
Not just for large buildings, thesolar shieldsthey can be an excellent ally in attics or homes that have south-facing windows. In the home, solar shading in the form of solar-powered shutters or shutters suitable for all types of fixtures could be evaluated. All information about shutters and sun screens for the home can be found in the article "Solar energy shutters “.

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